e-TimeClock is a subscription-based SaaS application that enables the businesses to accurately record up-to-the-minute work hours of the various shifts of their employees. It makes it extremely easy to capture time worked without having to install custom hardware or learn complicated software and it totally eliminates all manual processes and paper work. It is highly secure and easily integrates with your existing payroll and finance management systems. Simply sign up for this solution, and you will get instant access to the apps and admin portal, and you could be setup in a matter of minutes.

What is e-TimeClock?

e-TimeClock offers time capture solution comes with a standard installation of an Android tablet mobile device at the workplace and/or as a mobile app on remote users’ smartphones. With the tablet version, these devices can be installed at various points of check in/out at the warehouse or retail facilities. For remote users, smartphone app can be launched to capture the checking in and out at the location of their remote work. The solution is highly reliable and is built to work in the offline mode, should there be a lapse in network connectivity. Additionally, it captures the location coordinates of the actual check ins and check outs as well as the employees’ facial image to avoid proxy time logging transactions.

Who is it for?

e-TimeClock solution can be utilized by small and medium businesses as well as large corporations that has a need to track employee work hours in a secure and reliable way. The solution is built to be deployed either at a single facility or for businesses that have many facilities spanning multiple locations. It has the flexibility of employees who may have work shifts spanning multiple locations on different days. The devices installed at these locations are registered to that location and location coordinates are captured in each transaction thereby preventing fraudulent transactions.

How does it work?

Sign up for an e-TimeClock solution through our website specifying some basic information about your business, number of employees and locations, and the product tier that you would like to subscribe. You will be instantly provisioned access to a portal to manage your employee profiles, transaction data and reporting. You will also have access to the Android Tablet app that you can install on a tablet device of your choice (specs provided in your account) or we can ship you the tablet pre-configured. Additionally, a phone version of the app is also available for your remote employees. Once these apps are installed and deployed at your locations, you may begin capturing work hours of your employees immediately.

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