IT Project Manager

JOB DUTIES: As IT Project Manager the employee will be responsible for the following job duties:

Plan, initiate, and manage information technology (IT) projects. Lead and guide the work of technical staff. Serve as liaison between business and technical aspects of projects. Plan project stages and assess business implications for each stage. Monitor progress to assure deadlines, standards, and cost targets are met.  Analyze user requirements, procedures, and problems to automate or improve existing software and systems, review computer system capabilities, workflow, and scheduling limitations and provide solutions. Design, develop, modify, and implement software applications. Analyze science, engineering, business, and other data processing problems to implement and improve computer systems, contribute to enhancement of system design procedures, test procedures, and quality standards, may analyze or recommend commercially available software.  Identify errors, debug, test, maintain and monitor programs, applications and systems. Provide support in installation and implementation of developed solutions, contribute to the development of documents and/or enhancement of applications or program design.

May oversee, guide and mentor team members or other professionals (depending on project or level of responsibility).

JOB LOCATION: Alpharetta, GA


To perform duties, must have experience with at least one of the following technologies: Oracle, SQL, Java, J2EE, Xamarian, WebSphere, Weblogic, Web app Development, Web Services, SQL Server, Salesforce, Sales Cloud, ECM Cloud Tools, ASP, .NET, Network Development, Software or User Acceptance Testing, Data Warehousing, Mainframe Technologies, Business Intelligence, ETL Technologies, Mobile, GIS/ GPS Technologies, SAS, SAP, RDBMS, COBOL, CRM, Agile, Facets.

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Comp/ Sciences/ Engineering/ Math/ Business or closely related field + 5 yrs experience or Master’s or equivalent in Comp/ Sciences/ Engineering/ Math/ Business or closely related field + 1 yr experience. Experience in job offered or related.

Sorry! This job is expired.


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