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CloudQ Launches Customizable CEO Dashboard

July 23, 2020 – Alpharetta, GA-CloudQ announced today the launch of its CEO Dashboard. The functionality allows the C-Suite every aspect of their company, from the people and the internal culture all the way through to key sales, marketing, and financial strategies.

A CEO dashboard visualizes your current business data and tracks the health of your business by measuring revenue trends, growth, and operational cash flow. For many CEOs, their dashboard is mission control and a window into understanding the daily operations and growth of their business.

Power Insights at a Glance

CloudQ’s CEO dashboard, key capabilities include:


The invoice view gives you a clear picture of your company’s finances details grouped by status such as paid amount, amount due and overdue amount.


The expenses view displays your top expenses across different categories in the form of a pie chart. This pie chart is auto generated based on the expense by category report of your organization.

Bench Management:

This helps you to maintain optimal bench rate, it enables you to procure new business, gets flexibility to pitch in resources to critical projects within the TAT, Employee & organization get balanced time to develop skills & enhance capability between projects.

Payroll Details:

This helps you to notify the next payroll due date and the amount needed to be paid. both monthly and biweekly.

Immigration details:

Immigration section gives you the details of New H1B’s, Visa Transfer, Green Card and RFE status on one click.

Project Management:

A project management report is a summary overview of the current status of the project. It is a formal record of the state of a project at a given time. It helps the CEO to keep up to date on the progress of the project and any challenges the project may be facing.

Stock Details:

Stock ticker is an important tool to display real-time market information to help CEO stay abreast of rapidly changing financial market conditions. A “tick” is any change in the price of the stock, whether that movement is up or down. A stock ticker automatically displays these ticks, along with other relevant information, like trading volume, that investors and traders use to stay informed about current market conditions and the interest in that particular stock.

Bench Lead:

The bench lead is an area where applicant information is stored. This will help the CEO to assign a HR professional to match the applicants with the right project.

Client Lead:

The client lead view lists the Job opportunities, received from clients. The CEO can directly add them into the system and send an email to his recruitment team.

Today’s Events:

The today’s events is an additional feature on the dashboard which provides the details on upcoming events and meetings. Which helps the CEO to plan in a better way.

Today’s Task:

The today’s tasks is an additional feature on the dashboard which provides to-do items that needs to be completed by the user or to whomever the task is assigned. It will display the tasks assigned for the day.

Today’s Weather Report:

The weather report tells you the weather prediction of the day. It also tells you the present climate.

Bank Details:

Bank details will give you the Information about the current balance available in the account.
“Our long-standing challenge to us is to create a product that can keep up with their fast-paced market,” says Yaser Hameed, CloudQ CEO. “The CEO Dashboard enable employee activities and work groups to interactively drill data with one click for various time periods, suppliers and revenue categories.”

Visit the CEO Dashboard by CloudQ for a video demo that will show you how to save time and help you make informed decisions.

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