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15 Fun Technology Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Hello, and welcome to yet another blog post! We have series on so many topics, we thought we’d take a little break from all the seriousness and give you something fun to read for once. Not that our Metaverse or “History of” series aren’t full of fun tidbits, but we just wanted to be a little goofy for once. Buckle up, grab a drink, and scroll on!

1. The technology of that little chip in your credit card has been around since 1986, and it was first used in Germany and France.

2. You can review and delete your Alexa recordings (she does listen to EVERYTHING you say).

3. You read 10% faster when you read something printed vs something on a computer or tablet.

4. November 30th has been National Computer Security Day since 1988 and was started as a way to remind people to check their passwords and general security settings every year.

5. UPCs were invented in 1952 by a fellow named Norman Joseph Woodland.

6. 91GB per second is how fast NASA’s internet speed is. Jealous?

7. Dial-up internet is still being used by people in rural areas, and it only costs twenty bucks a month.

8. There are cell phones with Braille on them for the blind.

9. Over six billion text messages are sent per day.

10. The first mobile text message was sent in 1992.

11. There’s a font that was created especially for people suffering from Dyslexia (Open Dyslexic).

12. Technophobia is the fear of technology.

13. Typically, every workday, a typists’ fingers travel an average of 12.6 miles (I imagine that’s more for programmers and writers). This must be where “let your fingers do the walking” stemmed from.

14. Technical information doubles every two years, so if you start on a tech degree today, by the time you graduate, your knowledge is obsolete.

15. Apple’s logo used to be a picture of Sir Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree.

Now you know! We thought these were kind of cool, and we hope you enjoyed them as well. Hope to see you back next time. While you’re poking around, why not stop by some of our other blog posts and see what else you might learn?


Jo Michaels

Marketing Coordinator

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