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Build your own dashboard!

What is QCEO Dashboard

A CEO dashboard visualizes your business data and tracks the health of your business by measuring revenue trends, growth and operational cash flow. For many CEOs, their dashboard is mission control and a window into understanding the daily operations and growth of their business.
Busy executives are looking for quick and high-level visibility into their business, the ability to pinpoint areas of improvement and drive business action based on their data. With all their high-level metrics in place, CEOs are better equipped to drive the business forward.



The Invoice view gives you a clear picture of your company’s finances details grouped by Status such as Paid amount, Amount due and Overdue amount.


The Expenses view displays your top expenses across different categories in the form of a pie chart. This pie chart is auto generated based on the Expense by Category report of your organization.

Payroll details

The Payroll Details notifies you of the next payroll due date and the amount needed to be paid; both monthly and biweekly.

Stock Details

Stock Ticker is an important tool to display real-time market information to help CEO stay abreast of rapidly changing financial market conditions.


A CEO will have the ability to see their immigration statuses such as how many visas or green cards are in progress or filed. What RFEs are received or pending.

Build your own dashboard!

Today’s Events

The Today's Events is an additional feature on the dashboard which provides the details on upcoming events and meetings. Which helps the CEO to plan in a better way.

Today’s Task

The Today's Tasks is an additional feature on the dashboard which provides to-do items that needs to be completed by the user or to whomever the task is assigned.

Today’s weather report

The weather report tells you the weather prediction of the day. It also tells you the present climate.

Project Management

The project management view is a summary overview of the status of your project. It is a formal record of the state of a project at any given time. It keeps the CEO up to date on the progress of the project and any challenges the project may be facing.

Additional Features

With simple add on functionality to your email you can add your Bench lead and Client lead directly to your system.

Bench Lead

The Bench Lead is an area where applicant information is stored. This will help the CEO to assign a HR professional to match the applicants with the right project.

Client Lead

The Client Lead view lists the Job opportunities, received from clients. The CEO can directly add them into the system and send an email to his recruitment team.

Build your own dashboard!

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