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One course. Two days. A lifetime of possibilities.

  • Command a higher salary.
  • Gain a more desirable skillset.
  • Grow your network.

Meet your instructor, Dr. Lyron Andrews.

Great at connections with people.
Engages only in purposeful endeavors.
Developed a highly-sought-after mission organization framework.
Has a Master’s of Science and a Doctorate in Education.
Google K-12 Think Tank adviser.

Cloud security is the future, and your future begins now. Contact us today!


Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) Plus Labs Information

  • Get hands-on experience securing an organization in the cloud.
  • Prepare to earn the widely recognized standard of expertise for cloud security, the Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK).
  • Learn and practice applying the knowledge from all 14 domains of the CSA Security Guidance v4.
  • The CCSK Plus course includes all the content of the CCSK Foundation course and adds expanded lecture material and extensive hands-on lab activities which are integrated with the CCSK Foundation lecture modules as appropriate. Students will learn to apply CCSK Foundation knowledge by performing a series of exercises that are part of a scenario which brings a fictional organization securely into the cloud. Although CCSK Plus training includes some additional lecture content, students will spend most of their additional time assessing, building, and securing a cloud infrastructure during the exercises.

    What is Cloud Security?

    Cloud Security is the protection of any data you store in the cloud. It’s one of the five types of Cyber Security.

    You can find out more about the five types, and what they may encompass, here

    Here’s a short video explaining what Cloud Cybersecurity is and how it works.

    The CCSK cloud security classes will start you on the track to a new career in cyber security. You can find free resources for prep study for your cyber security classes here.
    Are you a Veteran? You can take your cyber security classes to get your certification free with your GI Bill.


    • 1. Why should I get certified in Cloud Security?
    • More companies are using the cloud than ever before. Because of this, hackers are more prolific in the cloud than anywhere else. The cloud security classes offered by Dr. Andrews will prepare you to meet this challenge head on and command a higher salary when you apply for a position.
    • 2. How much does the class cost?
    • You can get all the information for cost, upcoming classes, and more when you sign up for our list here. Just be sure you confirm your interest.
    • 3. What will my certification get me?
    • You'll get an understanding of security issues and learn best practices over a broad range of cloud computing domains. It will open you up to several jobs in many organizations, and portions of the SCA Security, Trust & Assurance Registry program require it.
    • 4. How long does the class take?
    • You can obtain your certification in just two days.

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