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Amazon Cloud computing and cloud storage is one of the fastest growing technologies in the IT industry today. There are many benefits to moving to the cloud. Companies do not have to maintain and manage expensive servers and its related costs, Amazon Cloud Services allows companies to scale at a moment’s notice, provides companies a highly reliable and secure platform to conduct their business and above all, brings a lot of infrastructure related cost savings.

There are a multitude of companies which offer cloud infrastructure services and amongst all of them Amazon Web Services aka AWS is the most popular and the current market leader. And we, here at CloudQ, with certified AWS professionals, have the knowledge and the expertise to help you make your journey on AWS a smooth and an enjoyable experience.

CloudQ offers a range of AWS related services at a fraction of the cost charged by other consulting companies which offer similar AWS related services. When you partner with CloudQ for your AWS journey, what you get is a high level of expertise, commitment, and guidance every step of the way.


Cloud technology as an important component for accessible and efficient computing power and moving to the Cloud can be a journey for any company, whether you are new to the technology or are adding new systems. Addressing common concerns about moving to the cloud, we are giving you FREE access to a webinar replay, The Cloud Journey, presented by Rajesh Menon, AWS Practice Lead at CloudQ.

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Amazon cloud services/web services that CloudQ is proud to offer are:

  • Consulting services to check for cloud feasibility and readiness
  • Full scale project deployment and implementation
  • Migration of existing infrastructure from on-prem to cloud
  • Maintain and support your current cloud Infrastructure and training

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    Cloud Consulting

    Am I ready to move to the cloud? Is cloud the right platform for me? What kind of benefits should the organization expect to see by moving to the cloud?

    At CloudQ, we recognize that these are not easy questions to answer, and in most cases, organizations need help to arrive at the right answer. This is where we come in. With our experienced professionals who have worked on traditional legacy systems, as well as state of the art cloud platforms, CloudQ will partner with you to provide you with answers to all of your Cloud questions.

    As your AWS partner, CloudQ will help you with:

    • Cloud Feasibility and Readiness
    • Solution Architecting
    • Client Staff Preparedness and Training


    As your AWS Partner, we provide full project implementation on the AWS platform. CloudQ will gather the requirements, design, and architect solutions you’ll need for your specific project.

    Full implementation and Maintenance

    CloudQ is known for its implementation process and walking clients through all aspects of implementation, step by step. Along with the implementation, CloudQ is fully capable of working with you to maintain your systems, ensuring your data is safe in the cloud.

    Implementation Only

    Perhaps you can design your system, handle the architecture, but need an implementation partner? CloudQ follows the Agile Project Management style for implementation, which means we provide for more flexibility when working in various environments, helping to ensure for quick delivery while producing quality results and on-time.

    Maintenance Projects

    Perhaps your systems are already in the cloud and you need a partner to help you to maintain your data or your app in the cloud. CloudQ can help. Our staff is qualified to handle any issue that could arise, from ensuring backups are implemented, to handling site crashes should they occur, to configuring code in software, to keeping up on updates. Need help to monitor your data? We have staff that will help you to monitor your web apps or site traffic. We can do all this at T&M or through subscription levels at a fraction of the cost.

    Projects CloudQ will guide you on are:

    • Migration projects
    • Data Warehousing (DW) projects
    • Serverless projects
    • Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects
    • IoT projects

    AWS Products

    At CloudQ, we thrive on solving challenges and uncovering opportunities. This shows up in products and services we create. Particularly using AWS. An example of a CloudQ product is the eTimeClock – A time tracking tool.

    Certification Training

    Looking for guidance on how to get certified on AWS? CloudQ’s training program will help you on this journey. The AWS Certification Program requires drive and a little hard work to complete, and CloudQ can help make the process easier and rewarding to complete.

    Contact us to find out how to get started.

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