To build a no layer portal where End Users (Clients) requiring contingent work force can post contract jobs and get candidates submitted from employers of contingent work force (Suppliers) directly and pay them directly while the portal takes care of qualifying, screening of candidates (consultants), compliance, time sheet, invoice and payment management.

Clients will Register their company and add every work location as and when they have a need for consultants in a location.

This will involve client submitting their company information, insurance needs, typical contingent work force need profile, select services needed from portal (all basic things are free, some have a small fee), the level of candidate evaluation they need, spell out their general rate chart, invoicing and payment terms

Supplier will register their company and choose the appropriate subscription plan.

This will involve supplier registering their organization, company strengths, recruiting strength in technologies and domains, submit basic credentials to register as a business in good standing and choose the job access subscription plan they want based on their strengths and bandwidth

Work flow

Client’s Hiring Managers (HMs) will post Jobs

Suppliers will access jobs and submit matching candidates

Submitted Candidates will be evaluated and accepted or rejected

Electronic matching of candidates

Human eye ball evaluation (optional)

Technical screening

HM reviews submissions and advances for interview or rejects

Candidates advanced for interviews are

Scheduled for Phone, in person or video interviews

Managed video interviews scheduled (optional)

HM selects or rejects post interview, also rates the candidate match

Selected candidates are moved for onboarding

Background initiated

Compliance checks initiated

Exact start date request initiated

Compliance checks initiated

Billing starts.

Ongoing time sheet management, invoicing, payments, compliance, renewals of SOW, etc., are managed via portal

This portal will achieve :

Connecting clients to employers cutting all expensive layers. This will reduce cost for clients, increase consultant compensation and help small businesses to get direct client opportunities

Handle compliance and necessary screening services without having to pay huge fees

Ensure effective recruiting and management of contingent staff through access to all employers than be limited to the window of select prime vendors

Make portal focus on compliance and effective candidate screening instead of wasting time on babysitting money and also recruiting (conflict of interest)


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