Zoho’s platform may seem challenging because it’s large and powerful, but once you start utilizing the apps, you realize there’s not a steep learning curve, and you settle right in. There are always new deployments of apps happening on the Zoho platform, too, so you often get an opportunity to expand your knowledge base.

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Easy to use

Zoho CRM is highly user-friendly, unlike many CRM systems and implementations. You don’t have to have an IT degree to use it, configure it, or set up systems to track the things you need to.

Saves time and money

Automation helps to reduce the time required to execute routine activities. Through saving time, workers will concentrate on streamlining the lead nurturing process and increasing the conversion rate, which saves money.  


Zoho CRM can provide you with a comprehensive overview of the market so you can make smoother and more efficient decisions. You can track the sales cycle and design the dashboards as well as build maps, goal meters, KPIs, and funnels, depending on the market objectives.

AI to power the sales team

Zoho AI is named Zia. It helps handle the CRM in a smarter and more automated way. Zia will collect and compile the information you want, reliably display the effects of your sales efforts, automate your team’s humdrum operations, track anomalies, enrich module data, and more. She’s a powerful ally to have.


The price is a major bonus for Zoho CRM. With the option of utilizing a trial version, you can take advantage of the product’s limited functionality without a commitment. That being said, it is worth utilizing higher-tier policies since Zoho CRM costs less than many of their competitors.

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