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AI driven Clinic management solution


To provide Solution to efficiently manage the Appointments, Scheduling and Payroll System for Healthcare Systems. Implementing Health cloud and Lightning Application to meet the complex requirements of Appointment booking, Scheduling the Doctors, calendar shifts, Using AI to understand the services offered for Patients, Integrating with e-Clinical Works, SMS Reminders for Appointments.


  • Clinician Scheduling and Appointment Booking
  • Integration with e-clinical works
  • Calendar Component to meet Schedulers Shifts
  • Automation of the Clinician
  • Complex Reports and Dashboards to provide the Statistical report
  • SMS Messages for Patient’s on Appointment booking
  • Daily Data Uploads from External System in a single Application


  • Complex Trigger Automations to automate the business Process
  • Providing a holistic support based on Clinician’s Profile and patient’s needs.
  • Lightning Components to make appointment booking as a standalone Application.
  • Google API service integrated with Salesforce.
  • RPA Automation with UI Path enabled that automates the Daily Data Upload
  • Building a Lightning Application that can automate the Appointment booking, sending messages to patients and appointment tracking.


  • More Time to Focus on Strategize the Business Operations.
  • All the end user’s appointment booking is made quickly, thereby speeding up the business processes.
  • Managing EHR records from E-clinical works in Salesforce, hence resulting in a better Customer Relationship in the clinics.
  • Helped the Business User to update appointments directly to the Salesforce removing the manual hassle of creating the excel sheets looking at each line item.
  • Our streamlined process helped the Clinicians to save time.
  • Managing Patient information, Clinician and appointment’s creation and generating monthly reports and dashboards.




US-based HealthCare Provider, having more than 15 years of experience in the Medical Services


  • Health Cloud
  • Salesforce1 Mobile App
  • Lightning Platform
  • Einstein Analytics
  • Value SMS – Third Party
  • API Integration

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