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Top Five HRM Trends in 2022

Covid-19 and the hybrid working model have truly transformed HR operations. While 2021 was the year when businesses attempted to rethink the HR department and its position in a company, 2022 will be all about pushing boundaries, embracing technology, and dealing with the pandemic’s ongoing issues.

Here are five of the top trends in HRM:

Hybrid Work: In 2022, organizations will turn their attention to developing a sustainable work paradigm that fits the demands of both their business and their people. This requires adapting and customizing rules and practices to allow for hybrid work and to accommodate all employees fairly. Employee communications may be made available on a digital platform that anybody can access, or video meetings could become the new norm, regardless of location.

Diverse and Inclusive Workforces Become More Popular: There’s an increased demand on firms to enhance equality, diversity, and inclusion. All stakeholders in HR, both within and externally, are pushing for actual progress toward leadership diversification. According to the World Economic Forum’s Chief Human Capital Officer (CHC) report, this will result in a more positive work environment and increased productivity. This isn’t simply one of the HR trends for 2022; it’s an HR goal that will help firms fulfil their full potential by bringing different teams together. It’s also an HR aim that will help organizations realize their full potential by bringing together diverse teams.

Increase in Digitalization and Analytics: People analytics will become the go-to solution for firms seeking important insights about their personnel. As some organizations consider adopting remote work long term, it is important to have comprehensive HR technology. Human resources automation is the need of the moment from 2022. Many organizations are utilizing HR technology to automate and improve efficiencies in their processes like recruitment, hiring, onboarding, and offboarding. Every HR operation, including employee attendance and time off, as well as professional development and departure management, must be automated.

Employee Skill Development: Another big trend that HR departments are going to confront in 2022 is the need to re-skill and up-skill existing staff. According to human resource executives, reskilling is the single most important factor affecting future workforce composition. This follows from the need to get maximum utility out of existing employees and the desire to be more proactive again. This trend will undoubtedly be adopted by companies to achieve their growth objectives. It will stimulate innovation, decrease hiring expenses, and meet client expectations.

Focus on Employees Wellbeing: HRM must prioritize employees’ mental health and wellbeing. By 2022, one of the primary goals for HR departments will be to reduce the stigma associated with mental health care. Stress and worry caused a third of millennials and Generation Z to miss work in the previous year. To make employees’ life less stressful, organizations must maintain compassionate leadership, flexibility, and understanding. Employees won’t want to work for organizations that expect productivity at the expense of their wellbeing.


HR teams would be wise to focus on adopting the right technology. COVID-19 has had a significant influence on people’s lives and enterprises, as well as international trade and tourism. Businesses must rethink their strategy and stay up with global HR trends to thrive in the future.


Subin Saleem

Digital Marketing Analyst

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