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5 Ways You Can Keep Your Employees Encouraged and Motivated

It’s Monday morning, and you see your employees are slowly making their way into the office. Their shoulders are slumped, there are bags under their eyes, and one thing is obvious: no one is motivated to work.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, burnout and frustration were increasing among employees, and it may be much more difficult now to stay connected with your team and maintain employee engagement.

From time to time, every manager fails to keep the workers engaged, but great managers know the enthusiasm of the employees is critical to the business’s performance. While addressing these issues can be daunting and confusing, emotional and mental health, in addition to overall satisfaction, is important to success, loyalty, and retention. Below are 5 ways to keep your employees encouraged and motivated.

  1. Recognizing: I believe that recognition is one of the best ways to maintain our employees’ motivation. It’s nice to always highlight the positive things your personnel does while providing constructive feedback helps to steer people in the right direction. Recognizing them personally and mentally shows them you know where they began and where they might go next.
  2. Communication: Allocate a small amount of time once a month to have a face-to-face with your employees. That will ensure clear communication between you and them. This will help you understand the barriers they face, and also, as a director or team leader, you can suggest ways to overcome any situation. I always urge you to communicate.
  3. Team Building: If you ask for work at all times, your employees will feel like robots. I personally suggest a daily stand-up meet for five to ten minutes and have fun. On Fridays we have some icebreaking sessions for one hour. Once a month, go out for lunch or dinner. Celebrate your employee’s birthday’s, anniversaries, etc. These make them feel they are valued and taken care of.
  4. Good Culture: Ensure that your organization is a decent place to be. Not only should you deliver decent pay and perks, but people should really love working there. As employers and employees, they are all confronted with the common characteristic of apprenticeship, which is the combination of good work and good life. Employers should respect the fact that their employees also have a life away from work if they demonstrate respect in the workplace.
  5. Be Consistent and Empathetic: Make sure you can be trusted to make everything go smoothly. While interacting with team members at an intimate and relevant level is great, it is equally important to behave with everyone as the manager. Show that you support your workforce and are invested in growing it, while sharing your goals.

Motivation is an integral aspect of the organization and you can always try to make your workers feel empowered and driven. You’re guaranteed to produce the outcomes you like if you do this.


Subin Saleem

Marketing Team Lead

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