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Case Studies >> Data Efficiency with Pardot and Sales Cloud on the Salesforce Lightning Platform

Data Efficiency with Pardot and Sales Cloud on the Salesforce Lightning Platform


Our customer was using the legacy ACT CRM system and their sales system captures the different stages of sales cycle in different applications. For instance, Different stages for sales cycle from getting a deal to closing a deal is captured in different applications. Earlier, the sales team was using ACT CRM! The marketing team was using MailChimp, The CAD team was using excel sheets the operations team was using Quickbooks. The company needed to build one system to do perform all the process.


  • The Legacy data back from 2002 was provided in Sheets, Most of them were duplicates, invalid entry and the wrong data was provided. There were up to 25,000 records that needed to be managed
  • There was no efficient way to manage their team for their projects. Project Management was managed through sheets
  • Marketing tools failed to get marketing Qualified leads. Therefore, the Lead Generation strategy was very inefficient.
  • Integrating Pardot with Salesforce was a challenge


  • Implementation of Salesforce can help in a streamlined and efficient approach to managing the data in the system
  • The complete sales cycle can be managed under one roof. From identifying a lead to winning an opportunity can be done effortlessly in Salesforce
  • Data Migration from Act CRM to Salesforce CRM- Data Cleanse and Imported – Custom Application was built to manage the Sales process
  • Custom project Management Application for their business need was carried out. A lightning Application that would solve the CAD process was built
  • Scheduler and Batch Class were designed for Automation of their business Process
  • Pardot to Salesforce CRM Connect
  • Pardot Integration with Website, Lead Scoring, Prospect Lists, Lead Nurturing
  • Lead Management Landing Pages & Forms
  • Prospect Journey (Engagement Studio)
  • Automation of Email Nurturing


  • Data Efficiency Improved with Valid, information’s and legacy data was managed appropriately assigning to different account and lead owners
  • CAD Project management was done with easier Automations, making very less manual work
  • Quarterly business Review automation helped in saving a lot of time an Effort and result in efficient way of tracking the Reviews
  • Campaigns were carried out, increased lead generation with Efficient ROI


  • Manufacturing


  • US-based enterprise, having 15+ years of experience in the Manufacturing industry


  • Sales Cloud
  • FastCall
  • Chatter
  • Custom Build Project management application
  • Salesforce Engage
  • Pardot
  • Outlook Integration
  • Lightning Platform

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