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Demandware and its features

Demandware and its features

Hello all, and welcome to another awesome blog post! Today, we’re talking about Demandware and its features. So, if you’ve ever wondered what Demandware is, or what it can do, you’re in the right place. Grab a warm beverage, get settled, and get to reading.

Demandware was a software technology company which was bought by Salesforce in 2016 and retooled to become Commerce Cloud. It’s a user-friendly, effortless e-commerce platform that was created with the specific goal of assisting businesses in developing their brands, exploring untapped or undiscovered business opportunities, and increasing customer conversion rates quickly and easily.

A business that’s focused on success needs Demandware and its features if it wants to use the best B2C and B2B e-commerce services to give consumers integrated and intelligent purchase experiences across a variety of channels.

The Benefits of Salesforce Commerce Cloud

On every digital platform—including mobile, online, and social—Commerce Cloud makes buying fun, interactive, engaging, and tailored. It even does a great job of recreating the in-store experience for clients. Order processing, an eCommerce retailer, predictive analytics, and mobile point of sale, are all coordinated to accomplish this (POS).

A multi-occupant design, that is unique to Salesforce Commerce Cloud, significantly decreases the platform’s safety and reliability problems. This integrated platform’s three service categories—intelligence, experience, and operations—cooperate to drive all phases of cross-channel commerce.

The Functions of Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a cloud-based e-commerce platform that not only makes it easy to run a business online, but also one that pushes companies to create smart, engaging customer shopping experiences across channels like mobile, web, store, social, etc.

A business can interact with customers, or potential consumers, at every stage of the sales process and offer outstanding support everywhere online thanks to Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s powerful attributes. Organizations want omnichannel insights to thoroughly uncover and evaluate users’ behavior and interaction across many channels as buyer behavior becomes more complex with each passing day.

The Advantages of Salesforce Commerce Cloud

You receive a variety of advantages from Salesforce Commerce Cloud, but we’ll dive into just a few of the most highly beneficial here.


Your data assets are only valuable if you can understand them and use them to make informed decisions. Once businesses master data analysis, they no longer overlook chances and are successful at making quick decisions. Salesforce Commerce Cloud is beneficial by allowing third-party AI technologies to assist with data analysis and interact with your company’s digital marketing initiatives.

Cognitive Prediction

Salesforce created Einstein, a cutting-edge artificial intelligence platform, to expand the platform’s use of artificial intelligence for e-commerce firms and do away with the need for manual data analysis and third-party extensions.

Einstein’s main characteristics are:

At every touchpoint, recommending the best items.

Real-time, 1:1 predictions made for every customer.

Utilizing data-driven commerce insights to be clever and increase conversions.

Automated trading operations to help you save time and effort.

Commerce Cloud’s high level of personalization helps brands to stay on top of their game, and customization is needed now more than ever to attract and retain customers.

Improved Marketing Instruments

Merchants can maintain and share product details, photos, and content across numerous catalogs, categories, and websites inside the confines of Commerce Cloud. Even better, items can be combined from various websites, using various currencies, and in various languages.

To expand conversion rates and increase normal consumer search accuracy, Commerce Cloud empowers you to associate clients with the suitable item, assortment, value, offering, and content at the proper time.

Retailers, product marketers, and content producers will eventually have the capability to manage the company’s brand, initiate campaigns, iterate campaign updates, drive promotions, and begin A/B tests to improve conversions without technological assistance.

Using procedures that change customers’ search habits and the visibility of offered products, consumer searches and boosted conversion rates can also be achieved. 

By incorporating Commerce Cloud with Salesforce’s Promoting Cloud, businesses have control over each part of a client’s communication with the organization from paid ads to email marketing efforts.  Also, it helps in social media reporting and management.

The Expansion of Storefronts Abroad

Organizations can manage numerous shops at various locations throughout the world from a single, back-end platform with Commerce Cloud. By utilizing Salesforce’s Commerce Cloud for e-commerce needs, businesses can manage many complexities like billing, price, product availability, and other details with ease for different retailers’ product data sets.

Seamless, Mobile-rich Experience

It’s well known that more and more people are using their cell phones to for purchases. This means every business requires a mobile-friendly store and mobile-first strategy for growth.

Additionally, Google has already made mobile friendliness, mobile-first indexing, and page-load speed essential for ranking considerations.

You should have a mobile-friendly e-commerce store if you want to differentiate your company from the competition. Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s emphasis on the mobile-first strategy is arguably its best advantage because its main goal is to give mobile users the greatest buying experience possible, starting at the point of sale in brick-and-mortar stores and continuing through the maintenance of the online store.

Functionalities for Omni-Channel

Salesforce Commerce Cloud has focused heavily on one essential aspect, which is giving retailers the ability to manage their operations across different channels from a single platform. With a single SaaS solution, retailers can automate a variety of activities like sales, order management, inventory management, marketing campaigns, and conversions. This not only gives retailers freedom, but it also has Omni-channel features that help them save a lot of time and work.

Excellent Customer Support

All of Commerce Cloud’s merchants are given round-the-clock support, which ensures operations are perfect and function smoothly every single day. Additionally, the support provided by the Salesforce Commerce Cloud team addresses all issues from repairing codes, to enhancing security concerns, and a long list of other things.

Overall, Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a very robust and scalable e-commerce platform that has a ton of native functionality for merchandising, managing multiple stores, customer segmentation, internationalization, and many other things. 

With its prevalent highlights, like progressed marketing, unending aisles, retail location (POS), internationalization choices, AI across key regions, and confirmed cloud-based arrangements, this platform is normally utilized by lifestyle and fashion brands. 

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Lekshmi Devi

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