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Get to Know: Mike Goggin – COO

Hello, and welcome to another “Get to Know” post! This is where you’ll learn a little about your coworkers and, hopefully, build some comradery. This week, we have Mike Goggin. Grab a cup of something warm to drink, and dive on in!

Mike has been working with CloudQ as our COO for almost two years. He’s a kind and passionate leader who has 30+ years of experience in Digital and Business transformation. He is very passionate about being the voice of his customers. Mike graduated with an MBA from Kennesaw State University. He lives with his wife in Canton, GA and has 6 children, and 2 grandkids.

What is your ideal company culture?

My ideal company culture is a Team-First culture. This means the company treats employees as our most important asset and consistently encourages and appreciates them. It places priority on finding people that align with our organization’s values and not primarily on skills and abilities. Some of the key attributes that are part of this culture are successful collaboration, flexibility, trust, and transparent communication.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve ever faced as a COO?

My biggest challenge as COO is finding a way to balance our customers’ needs versus our own business needs. Each has unique challenges and demands, and one size doesn’t fit all.

Who do you look up to or try to emulate as a leader?

I have learned to always be my own person and trust my gut. I read a lot, especially news and world events, and I take lessons from real-life examples. Because we’re unique individuals, I’m very careful not to emulate anyone else. I’m guided by my morals and values and don’t allow success or money to influence these tenants in a negative way.

What are your top three accomplishments?

I’ll answer from my professional perspective- CIO award from Cingular Wireless for leading the testing of the first iPhone launch in the world, MBA degree while having a family and working full time, and reaching my 25th anniversary with a Fortune 50 company.

Why is instilling a company culture important to a company? Why is it important for our company?

The company culture is the foundation of the company. For our company, it drives employee engagement, motivation, and customer satisfaction.

It is important for our company because it drives employee engagement, motivation, and customer satisfaction.

Where do you see our company in two years?

We’ve had significant growth in the last two years, and our next focuses need to be stabilizing our operations and increasing customer satisfaction. 

In what ways can you bring diverse populations together to work toward a single cause?

I feel it starts with taking the time to understand the individual strengths of each employee and the potential they bring. To become a high-performing team, we need to emphasize diverse and inclusive teams. It’s my job to ensure I understand what each employee brings to our company, enable them to find the right role, and give them the tools and encouragement to excel.  

In your opinion, what matters more toward a COO’s overall success: people or profits?

The number one asset is our people. I do my best to ensure a flat organizational hierarchy where employees are encouraged to be involved in company strategy and decision-making.

What do you like the best about working at CloudQ?

Flexibility and ability to influence without pressure.

What was your previous job?

I worked for a large software company and led its Quality Engineering organization globally.

What keeps you productive?

I love having the ability to influence and put my fingerprints on a company. I’m highly motivated when I see the results of our planning and hear positive feedback from our employees and customers. 

Which part of the day do you prefer to work?

I feel I do my best work in the morning. I get up early every day, and the first thing I do is check my work emails.

Do you like Coffee or Tea?

I prefer coffee but also enjoy tea from time to time.

Who has influenced you the most in your personal and professional life?

I’ve been blessed with having great mentors and bosses in my career, and each has influenced me in different ways. With hesitation though, my Dad influenced me the most in my personal and professional life. He helped guide me and also to humble me when needed.

To what personality traits do you attribute your success?

The key personality traits have been resilience, a sense of curiosity and wonder, and gratitude. Another trait is neuroticism which has helped me stay centered and humble. 

How do you unwind?

I unwind by working in our yard. It is a break from my daily job and helps me to clear my mind and get some exercise.


Check your ego at the door, and remain humble. We’re blessed to have an owner who cares about people and we need to do our best to work hard and exceed the expectations of our customers.

Thank you, Mike, for such an insightful interview, and also, we loved knowing more about you.


Lekshmi Devi

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