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How Can You Overcome Loneliness While Working from Home?

Here, I suggest some of the things you can do.

Before Covid 19, all of us thought working remotely seemed blissful. Employees today, across the globe, are wishing for coffee machine chats and scanner whirl.

Research shows that it can mean higher productivity, improved innovation, and increased job satisfaction when we work from home. Yet the serious existence of coronavirus and the advent of social distancing have ensured many workers are now forced to operate from home and separate themselves physically from friends, family, and colleagues, resulting in feelings of isolation.

Researchers have suggested many ways to overcome the work- from- home loneliness.

Let me tell you how I did it.

Started Focusing on Interesting Topics: I started studying the topics and sharing the information with my colleagues. We have a discussions to learn more, and my final output comes in the form of blogs. This make me more engaging.

Virtually Meeting with Managers and Co-worker’ s: When-ever I feel depressed or bored, I’ll call my team colleagues or managers, and we’ll share some information’s and have fun to feel relaxed.  Most of the time’s I will seek help with from my co-worker’ s, and at the same time, I provide expert opinions. It gives me a relaxed and safe environment to get rid of depressions and loneliness.

Feeling Nostalgia: I always do this to when I feel sadness or depression creeping in. Recollecting positive incidents, makes me feel fantastic. Sharing with your colleagues or friend’s fun and unforgettable events, or sharing of old pictures can make you feel relaxed.

Voluntarily Engaging Myself: After completing my regular tasks, finding myself with free time, I’ ll ask various departments if they need any kind of help from my side. Currently, I’m helping our U.S. recruiting team by formatting resumes. By doing this, I’ve started learning new things.

Understanding of Daily Tasks: In other words, you need to consider what your assignments are and how they relate to the work your team is doing. Ask your supervisor to explain your position in the current working conditions if you feel confused about your assignments, roles, or obligations right now.

These things help me focus on something other than being alone.

When we work remotely for a long time, we miss much of our spontaneous experiences with others. Non-verbal knowledge on simulated job experiences is minimal. If technology continues to revolutionize the way we work, transitioning to operating effectively from home could have given us a head start on the future because of COVID-19.


Subin Saleem

Marketing Team Lead

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