Leveraging Salesforce for Remote Teams

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By now you’ve probably figured out what is working and what is not when it comes to managing your remote teams. We have compiled a wealth of information that will help you continue to navigate the “new norm” of working from home and we have shared them here.

  • Common Remote Workforce Challenges.
  • Insight into what other companies are doing to successfully link their remote teams to customers and to each other while keeping sight of goals and reporting.
  • Learn about FREE business solutions from Salesforce AND AWS to help you in the interim as you navigate this new world of doing business.
  • BONUS: Resources to leverage to help keep teams engaged while working from home
  • Find out how your company will benefit from these solutions.

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    Within the last two months, many companies, including ourselves, are assessing digital assets and capabilities to stay connected to employees, customers, partners, stakeholders, and the community.
    In response to the unprecedented challenges that we are facing due to COVID-19, CloudQ, with the help of a few of its partners, is offering an ecosystem of FREE business solutions.Visit our COVID-19 webpage to find out what systems are available to you to aid in your success through these unprecedented times.

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