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Salesforce’s Top Trends for 2022

Salesforce trends 2022

Every year, Salesforce introduces a new collaboration or upgrade that greatly helps enterprises. Salesforce combines the modalities of different departments and speeds up the seamless coordination of various corporate lines. They’re constantly enhancing their functionality and adding new capabilities to keep up with the current industry trends and advances. As a result, you’ll have a digital workplace that works for you to improve speed and efficiency while reducing workflow latency.

Salesforce is more powerful than ever, and this year’s Dreamforce events revealed the company’s top goals for 2022. Today, we’ll look at the trends that will define the Salesforce ecosystem in the next years, as well as how these breakthroughs may help your company grow.

The following are some Salesforce trends to keep an eye on in 2022.

  1. Slack First Customer 360:  After acquiring Slack earlier this year, it’s no surprise that building upon Slack is one of Salesforce’s key goals in 2020. Slack-First Customer 360 and Slack Connect are two new Salesforce connections that help teams interact and operations run more smoothly. Businesses are attempting to personalize and modify their marketing activities to fulfil the changing expectations of their clients and consumers. You can now complete more transactions, resolve problems faster, manage campaigns more efficiently, and obtain valuable, AI-driven insights on customer data with Slack First Customer 360.
  2. Salesforce Health Cloud Version 2.0: Salesforce Health Cloud 2.0 was developed by adapting Health Cloud to meet the changing demands of healthcare facilities and patients in the aftermath of the COVID-19 eruption. It’s a cutting-edge computerized system that assists medical institutions in managing vaccines, contact tracing, and health assessments. Salesforce also helps healthcare firms to provide value-based care and individualized patient experiences from anywhere.

Salesforce’s latest event, The Dreamforce 2021, leveraged Health Cloud 2.0 and Dreampass to keep all participants safe and secure by allowing COVID-19 security logs for each. It enables healthcare companies to deliver value-based care from any location and provide personalized and hybrid healthcare services to patients.

  1. Tableau: Tableau, formerly known as Einstein Analytics, provides actionable insights and AI-based analytics to help businesses choose the best course of action in every situation. With Salesforce Tableau Integration, you can create a beautiful data dashboard in just a few clicks, including top accounts management, event monitoring, and more. This integration helps insurance, healthcare, wholesale and retail, marketing, manufacturing, education, and other industries. Tableau is the most comprehensive and in-depth analytics solution on the market, and it can expand as your data strategy evolves.
  2. Salesforce Flow Orchestrator: Salesforce Flow Orchestrator makes it easy for admins to quickly configure, deploy, and maintain sophisticated and seamless automated business processes with clicks, not code. As teams become more distributed, there’s more potential for costly gaps, which can lead to lost revenue, low customer satisfaction, and reduced productivity. Salesforce administrators utilize this platform to set up, install, and automate operations using clicks rather than code.
  3. Salesforce is Incorporating AI: Salesforce has joined the AI realm with Salesforce Einstein, which allows computers to anticipate behavior based on correct facts and databases that never fail. Powered by Salesforce Tableau, the solution will assist enterprises with business intelligence and analytics by utilizing advanced technology stacks such as AI, ML, and others. As we approach 2022, it is essential to embrace the latest Salesforce trends and adopt a better style of working.
  4. Hyperforce: Hyperforce is a next-generation architecture that unifies the foundation of numerous clouds and scales up the capability of Salesforce platforms to protect themselves even while using public cloud partners. Hyperforce reduces implementation times by enabling resources to be rapidly and easily deployed on the public cloud. It assists organizations in meeting their local data storage needs by utilizing tools, deployment patterns, security rules, and other software development procedures.

Final Thoughts

Salesforce is the industry leader in customer engagement and business cloud computing. The general Salesforce trends 2022 projection is that the technology will be employed by an increasing number of enterprises. For businesses wishing to use Salesforce CRM consulting services, now is the time to do so. Consultants may assist you in increasing sales efficiency, providing an amazing customer experience, and implementing targeted marketing and client journeys.


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Marketing Team Lead

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