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What ATS is and Why We Don’t Use It at CloudQ

This post is for all you job seekers out there. If you’ve been submitting your resumes to a billion companies and not getting any callbacks, it’s probably because of ATS software kicking your resume out before it can be seen by a human. What is ATS software? Glad you asked! Grab your coffee or tea, and let’s dive in.

ATS is an acronym for Applicant Tracking System. In a nutshell, it’s software used by companies to scan and either reject or pass resumes submitted by interested applicants. These systems can help with human resources, recruitment, and hiring needs.

As you can probably imagine, there are tight parameters when working with bots, and those directives have to be set up beforehand—usually by the recruiter—so the bot can do the work it’s supposed to. Most of the ATS programs on the market aren’t savvy enough to understand a resume that’s not put together a certain way. Because of this, there are a ton of websites that tell applicants how to “beat the ATS system,” and that’s a problem of its own. This kind of resume padding can be done even if the applicant isn’t qualified for the job listed.

Then there are the folks who submit resumes that are pure fiction. A bot can’t tell the difference between someone who has the skills needed for real and those who’ve written a best seller. You need a human for that.

Plus, each ATS system reads resumes in a slightly different way, making tailoring your application following the guidelines given on the posts meant to help you even more difficult.

These are just a few of the reasons we don’t use ATS software at CloudQ.

We want to be able to spot those candidates that might be missed by other companies. These folks are often highly qualified but don’t have a resume that will trick them past the bots. We’re a smaller company, but we handle a ton of placements each month, and we’re extremely good at recognizing the skills and qualities our clients are looking for.

Our recruitment team is highly skilled at spotting fake resumes and people who are qualified but might be missing a word or have misspelled something that might have triggered a bot to kick their application out.

We use an online form to collect resumes, yes, but every single one is routed to a recruiter; there is no bot between submission and human review.

Applicants don’t need to keyword stuff their resumes, phrase things a certain way, or work to restate each skill to fit the one on the listing exactly.

So how would someone apply to work at CloudQ?

It’s really that easy. A real human looks over every application, and you’ll hear something back.

While we believe ATS programs have their place in the world, we also know that place isn’t with CloudQ. We strive to do better, and we’re not opposed to putting in the hard work necessary to find the people skilled enough to handle the jobs we post.

After all, finding the right applicant for the right role ensures a long-lasting relationship. Who wouldn’t want that?


Jo Michaels

Marketing Coordinator

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