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Empower your Non-Profit Mission


To provide the client with a customized salesforce solution that help to manage their Non – Profit with information of children under care from multiple care centers, their allocations, volunteers information, Contact Management, to manage donations received and reports.


  • Managing data and Duplications with Sheets on Data Entered at multiple locations
  • Finding Volunteers Availability and finding Volunteer based on Availability and Skill.
  • Managing the Child Information and Admission Care information.
  • More manual work on updating the Child information and Admission/Discharge Entry and availability of Allocations.
  • Managing large number of data from Multiple locations in a streamlined application.


  • Implemented Sales cloud for Non-Profit to handle the Organization Activities and Donation Management.
  • Implemented Custom Built Volunteer Application to meet the Unique requirements of the client.
  • Implemented Custom Lightning Components and Custom UI Pages for better Experience and to meet the Complex Process Automations.
  • Integration with Postal Data API for Real time Address Validation based on Postal Zip Code.
  • Salesforce Sites for Volunteer Registration and Sign up form.
  • Data migration to import data from other tools and Excel.


  • Volunteer Management and Registration of Volunteer is made efficient and Tracking of Volunteer Activity is automated by the System.
  • Duplicate Management of the Contacts, Childs, Volunteers were handled effectively, and Donation Tracking was captured by the System.
  • Automation on Availability of Centers with free Bed spaces and Occupied Bed spaces.
  • Child information Management Application provided a whole new way of capturing the Child’s information with Details on Health, Child Diagnostic History and Admission/ Discharge Information.


Non-Profit Organization


India -based Nonprofit, having 12+ years of experience of Supporting Kids Struggling with Cancer.


  • Sales Cloud with NPSP
  • API Integration
  • Custom Lightning Components
  • Salesforce1 Mobile App
  • Lightning Platform

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