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Streamline the Sales and Increase Sales SFDC for Oil and Gas

Our Customer were using TTS, Ashley & Sitepro system to captures the Different Stages of tracking daily inflow of saltwater in different Applications. Currently, Sales Team use Spreadsheets to track all Operator and Transporter info. as part of its Sales process. Sales Team is using a spreadsheet for tracking all facilities information and Ticketing systems TTS, Ashley & Sitepro. TTS system available in Manned facilities and Ashley, Sitepro is available in unmanned facilities.
Using Different Application for Sales Process leads to inefficient data, Loss of Revenue information and Low Sales Performance for the Team as the Data is disparate on Multiple Systems. Massive Data was imported manually on a monthly basis that leads to Data loss and Time-Consuming and prone to Human Errors.


  • Manage and streamline the Sales Operations is manned and unmanned facilities.
  • Automate and improve scheduling to dispatch the right Transporter/ operator and get better deals.
  • Empower Sales Team with a 360-degree view of operation at a different facility at realtime Sync Guidance to improve resolution time and earn more deals.
  • Vantage System to Salesforce Data Migration Monitor the tickets generated in the
  • Kiosk of Unmanned facilities.


  • Our team analyzed the customer’s current challenge and developed an efficient integration solution wherein the data of both Vantage and Salesforce are synced in realtime.
  • Account and Lead Management.
  • Opportunity and invoice Management.
  • Integration with Vantage System
  • Lightning Application for the Sales process
  • Salesforce- Outlook Integration


  • Increased efficiency across the business
  • Improved the Sales Operation on Facilities with real-time data
  • Increase in Business Revenue by 40% and 100% return in ROI
  • Increased Efficiency in Data Increased Performance of the Sales Team


  • Oil and Gas


  • US-based Oil and Gas firm, having 20+ years of experience in the Oil and Gas industry, Wastewater Disposal


  • Sales Cloud
  • Einstein Analytics
  • Salesforce-Outlook Integration
  • Lightning Platform

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