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Designing a Seamless Customer Experience – Customer 360 Journey through Salesforce

According to a report submitted by Bluewolf in the 8th annual, The State of Salesforce, “Nine out of ten clients rate a company’s experience as important as its products and services.” Nowadays, we know that if a customer decides to buy a product or service, he or she has searched for ratings and customer experiences during research. These reviews are important because they contain the most important phrases searched on Google. This review-research method has shown a significant increase in use when compared to prior years.

As technology advances, such as AI and the IoT, companies must offer better customer service and meet customer demands that have multiplied. If those companies wish to remain competitive, they must have outstanding customer service.

Being customer-centric involves keeping the customer in mind for everything you do as a business—from marketing, to sales, to customer support in any medium.

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What is Salesforce Customer 360 and what does it do?

Salesforce Customer 360 is a modern solution, combining obtained knowledge into one network across multiple channels such as sales, marketing, and operations. It will give you a 360-degree view of your customers and allow you to provide valuable and personalized consumer connections while protecting data privacy.

How Customer 360 revolutionizes the digital consumer experience.

Artificial Intelligence: Salesforce Customer 360 offers a unique solution to monitor all points of contact during the customer journey because it is exceedingly important to consider the digital presence of the client’s interactions. Better business knowledge allows predictive modeling, which helps you understand and plan for client behaviors and desires in the short term, allowing you to market to those clients based directly on their preferences. Salesforce Einstein technology takes care of this for you and funnels the information obtained directly to your Customer 360.

Customers-First Approach: Prioritizing your customers’ needs is of utmost importance in the industry, because increasing customer loyalty means investing in your business and an increase in ROI. We all know keeping a customer costs less than acquisition of a new one. According to the McKinsey study, 75% of consumers request an instant service within five minutes of online contact. Consumers are shifting labels because they do not feel recognized.

Through the purchase of Tableau and MuleSoft Apps, Salesforce has come up with a solution that simplifies your customer data and incorporates these various software solutions into one hub. This has resulted in the growth of Salesforce Customer 360 Reality, a breakthrough in the customer service industry.

Customer Support and Experience:  An overall customer view allows an organization to provide a personalized shopping experience. Feedback and analyzation of a customer’s journey provides critical data that can be used by the company to nurture a personalized buying experience.

Customer 360 provides the service team with real-time information on purchases made by the customer—including why, when, and how the purchases were made. This avoids explaining and resubmitting information. Customer 360 brings your Sales, Service, and Marketing Clouds together to help service representatives effectively assess issues and provide solutions.

Your team can watch as a customer goes through your sales funnel and provides feedback in real time as they navigate your site. Using geocaching and Einstein technology, 360 can also send your sales team a notification when your customer is within a few feet of your asset(s). Your team can immediately reach out and engage that customer in whatever setting they are in.

Increased Customer Loyalty: Customer loyalty provides a pathway to long-term growth and retention, and Customer 360 lets you discover both distinct and shared interests of your customers. This will help you build stronger communication because you can engage/recognize immediately and use the customer’s interest as a jumping-off point.

Once you know what a customer is interested in, you can pass them to the sales team to engage in a different sales funnel, like email marketing, and base those further engagements on the exact interest of that established or potential customer. Timely and informational feedback is the cornerstone of productive customer relations.

Final Thoughts: Salesforce Customer 360 is an important tool for enhancing the customer journey revolution. It is important to know your customers, regardless of the size of your business. Explore and design strategies that are not limited to day-to-day engagements. That is exactly what Customer 360 does for you—allows you to provide incredible customer experiences.

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