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What it Means to be a Zoho Partner in India

As you may know, CloudQ has recently become a Zoho partner in India and provides Zoho Solutions for all business needs. I’d like to talk a little about what that means for us as a company and tell you a little more about Zoho’s platform.

By becoming a partner of Zoho, CloudQ now can offer customization of Zoho’s wide range of Zoho products to our customers. 

How? Well, we learn all about your company’s needs, what you need a tool to do for you, and we set it up so when you log in, you only see what you want. A push of a button on your Zoho dashboard can get you the business analytics you’re looking for, and a few minutes of drag-and-drop fun can have you on the path to email marketing bliss. Zoho ensures the users enjoy seamless business processes in their organization and It helps Sales marketing team.

Why did we join with Zoho? We love their platform. We believe in offering a wide variety of solutions to our customers, and Zoho fits the bill. Plus, their pricing model is cost-effective. 

Here are a few reasons CloudQ is excited to be one of the Zoho consulting partners (and why you’ll be excited to use  them as your provider):

Zoho has a wonderful platform. As you may know, at first, Zoho’s platform seems challenging because it’s large and powerful. But once you start utilizing the apps, you realize there’s not a steep learning curve, and you settle right in. There are always new deployments of apps happening on the  Zoho platform, too, so you often get an opportunity to expand your knowledge base.

For most of us, we were introduced to Zoho CRM first. Either in your own company’s deployment or by looking over a friend’s shoulder at what their company is doing, you know Zoho is on to something special. Then you start to grasp the market concept—which is attractive, to say the least—and then the community comes along. The Zoho community is awesome, creative, and welcoming. Many members of the groups there contribute to long-term partnerships. These are just a few of the ways the Zoho platform sets itself apart.

Zoho has the most exciting apps. Secondly, on research, I’ve watched a lot of videos about a lot of Zoho products(apps). So many of them come with special and versatile packages of tools to manage your whole enterprise. Since the arrival of Zoho One a few years back, more and more users are being introduced to the full Zoho range of 40+ apps. Over 40!

Zoho Marketing Hub is the newest Zoho launch, and it’s all digital marketing platforms in a nutshell.  You’ll see the differences when you compare Zoho Marketing Hub to one like HubSpot. Setting Zoho apart is the way the Zoho Marketing Hub incorporates with the rest of the Zoho One suite. Tie in forms, websites, CRM leads, visitor tracking, and e-mail campaigns, and it becomes a real marketing center. It’s one of Zoho’s most exciting platforms to date. Possibilities for clients, previously happy with the fundamentals of email campaigns, explode into a virtual smorgasbord. It’s awesome when customers realize what’s really at their doorstep and are now included in their Zoho One packages. This is something that makes CloudQ very proud to be one of the  Zoho Partners in India. When our clients are happy, we’re happy.

Zoho is user-friendly. As a Zoho Partner, new clients approach CloudQ all the time, each company with its specifications. Some of them are in identical or similar situations, but no two clients are the same. I always notice that, in the way they conduct business, people on very opposite ends of the continuum are still close. For the most part, the customers are excited, and everyone is eager to bring a platform like Zoho into the fold. Being a contributing member of these projects, and for that matter, being on a lot of different teams at the same time is satisfying. We don’t have a lot of

training to do with our Zoho clients in familiarizing them with the platform. Most can log in and understand how to get around right away.

Zoho is helping CloudQ create lifetime clients. When you have this level of usability, it’s easy to build a client for life. That may sound corny, or even confusing, but it is, without a doubt, the number one target. Any one of us may have read about this in a book, or simply learned the expression from someone else, but it’s a real, guiding principle. Together, Zoho and CloudQ are building clients who not only refer us to potential customers, but they become enthusiasts of the platform as well. There’s only one way to build that kind of relationship: by providing a quality product they can’t help but enjoy. Zoho presents us with a canvass to give our customers exactly that, and it’s one of many reasons CloudQ enjoys it so much. We aim to implement Zoho for our clients to ensure their sales team can concentrate more on selling the products/services rather than wasting time on the documentation process.

Benefits for customers from CloudQ becoming a Zoho consultant?

1) Customized Solutions

CloudQ offers our customers customized Zoho solutions after thorough analysis and study of the business’s requirements. We can train our customers, provide live support, and customize any solutions needed by the business to help operations run more smoothly. These qualities make us a highly reliable Zoho consultant in India. We can also build customized vertical applications. Being a platform partner allows us to build vertical applications on the Zoho platform and sell them on the Zoho marketplace. We have the freedom to set our pricing margins, and when we save money, those savings are passed on to our clients.

2) High Return on Investment

CloudQ works with clients to help them find the best solutions to increase their profit margins. We have expert Zoho consultants who know exactly what your business needs. We believe investing time with customers to solve the pain points their business is experiencing is the key mantra of being a Zoho partner.

3) Integration of Partner-owned Technology

Zoho partners can integrate Zoho’s technology with your newly developed products to solve customer requirements and create a new business opportunity for you. Zoho offers its consultants’ developer tools, resources, and technical support to integrate your technology, and Zoho assures visibility of your products and services in the Zoho Marketplace.

Zoho has a large range of products to choose from. CloudQ mainly focuses on offering Zoho CRM services to our clients all over India. Being a certified Zoho authorized consultant, CloudQ has proven we have the required skills and knowledge to manage a CRM project and implement the requirements professionally and cost-effectively.

What makes CloudQ the most reliable Zoho Consultant in India?

There are several reasons:

Zoho Consulting Services
As an authorized Zoho consultant, we work with our clients to understand and analyze how their businesses work. We identify key areas that contribute largely to key business goals before we suggest a suitable CRM plan. A thorough study of your business allows us to identify the best-customized solutions available to ensure higher efficiency.

Zoho CRM is fully customizable, and we are well versed in the features and constant upgrades provided by Zoho. This allows us to offer the best guidance and solutions to our clients.

Zoho Implementation Services
We have highly-trained professionals who carefully implement the Zoho CRM solutions that are in line with your business objectives and expectations. We use the agile approach to ensure projects are delivered on time and stay within approved budgets.

We use the robust tools available on Zoho Marketplace to ensure safe and accurate data migration from other apps and systems to Zoho CRM.

 Zoho Training Programs
CloudQ offers Zoho training programs, both online and offline, for our clients to have a clear understanding of how their new CRM works. Training programs prepare your team for the following:

  • Easy and effortless adoption of the CRM model
  • Familiarization with Zoho and how it works
  • Increasing efficiency and avoiding confusion
  • Reducing errors while using the CRM to save money

I believe that sums up what it means to be one of the Zoho partners in India, and CloudQ couldn’t be happier with our arrangement.

If you feel like you might want to try Zoho’s platform out with your company, contact us. See what advantages your company can gain over your competitors.

Your business deserves the best, and as an Authorized ZOHO Partner CloudQ can help you get there.

Contact us for a consultation with our ZOHO experts today.

Tell us a bit about yourself, and we’ll tell you a lot more about us.


Subin Saleem

Digital Marketing Analyst

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