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How Businesses Can Thrive Remotely with Zoho CRM Tools

Zoho CRM Tools

The way we work and operate our businesses in modern times has been redefined. There are many remote and team-oriented ways organizations are taking into account: co-working, working from home, working on the go, and remote working. It is no longer mandatory to be in a traditional office to get your work done. Technology has made collaboration from afar with your colleagues and team members easier than ever. Now, client meetings have become virtual via video calls—thanks to the internet and cloud storage enabling productivity from anywhere at any time.

This massive shift in the working environment demands managers and business leaders find better ways to coordinate with their teams in different time zones, locations, etc. Businesses also need to focus on client relationships and communication. The solution to all these business demands is investing in new technology that allows you to use your management skills in a new way with new tools at your disposal.

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Zoho CRM tools are the premiere solutions helping businesses thrive remotely.

There are several things these tools can help a business accomplish:

Team Collaboration and Data Sharing

Team collaboration, communication, and data sharing are cornerstones of running a successful business remotely. Here are some amazing Zoho CRM tools which accomplish this:

  • Share CRM data via Zoho Cliq. It is an instant messaging app that can be easily integrated into Zoho CRM so a team can send messages internally and share records, reports, and dashboards. Managers can set workflow rules, activity reminders, and anomaly notifications.
  • Send instant messages via CRM Feeds. CRM users can utilize the built-in collaboration tool Feeds to communicate with fellow users or individuals.
  • Share records and dashboards using MS Teams.

Hosting Virtual Meetings

To stay up to date on your team members’ work progress, it is important to stay connected with them when working remotely. One extremely important step in landing a sale is hosting virtual meetings, training sessions, or product demos to keep customers engaged.

  • Web conferencing. Tools like Zoho Meetings can be used from a CRM account. Sales representatives use this tool to invite potential leads, record and save meetings, track the number of attendees, and even start the meeting.
  • Connect via webinars. The Zoho Webinar tool allows a sales team to create marketing campaigns from the campaign module. They can invite interested leads, create polls, and view participant discussions.

Team Empowerment Via Integration of Zoho CRM

A team’s productivity goals need to match sales objectives. It is the responsibility of the manager or the team lead to break down the objectives into smaller, measurable, and actionable items.

This can be achieved in the following ways:

  • Sync telephony services with the CRM to connect with team members and customers over the phone via Zoho CRM.
  • Get signals at every customer touchpoint. It is important to understand customer touchpoints and engage immediately to convert them. The sooner you forward the leads to the sales team, the sooner those leads are moved into the sales funnel. To stay connected with your team, and other teams working from different locations, use a CRM account so your reps get notified whenever a customer visits your business handles.
  • Use a common hub for emails from different services. CRM allows compiling of customer data with email and sales data. ZOHO CRM tools like Zoho Mail, or third-party integrations like Gmail, MS Outlook, and/or MailMagnet, allows the sales team to send and receive emails within the CRM and access them easily.
  • Integrate with social platforms. Your teams can use social media integrations with Zoho CRM to communicate with customers from anywhere in the world. Zoho Social is also a great tool for accomplishing the same thing.
  • Capture leads from website visits. The web is a great place to capture leads by engaging with potential customers through live chats. You can use SalesIQ with your Zoho CRM, which captures leads visiting your website with details sent directly to the CRM database.
  • Use CRM Mobile on the go. When your workforce moves away from the traditional office setup, it is mandatory to allow access to customer data, business analytics, project details, etc.
  • Use the Analytics mobile app for Zoho CRM to track activity. It helps you keep track of team activities, sales insights, and collaboration with peers. The sales team can check if they have a client meeting, and managers can monitor the process.
  • Ask Zia to accomplish tasks for you. The Zoho CRM Tool Zia allows representatives to chat with the AI and find what they are looking for in the CRM. They can ask the voice assistant to make reports, find pending works, locate insights on the lead, etc.

Zoho CRM tools work like magic for making remote working an enjoyable experience for businesses.

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