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What is Activity Management in Zoho CRM?

A business involves a lot of activities, especially in the sales department. Organizing and activity (like tasks, meetings, and calls) management is made easy in Zoho CRM using Activity Management. The records are neatly organized along with related activities: follow-up, pre-sales, and post-sales activities, phone conversations. CRM helps you initiate and track pending activities and records the result of events and meetings.

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 What is the Activities Module in Zoho CRM?

The activities module is the section where you create and manage business tasks, events, and calls. Every activity has very important information like date, time, priority level, and notification parameters related to the record or business activities.


Tasks can be defined as pieces of work that need to be completed before a set deadline. In Zoho CRM, the user can create recurring tasks and set task reminders.


Meetings are activities that happen at a certain time and in a certain place. In ZOHO, you have the option to create recurring meetings, set reminders, and invite people to the meeting.


You have the option to keep track of calls from leads and customers along with the initiated, or follow-up, calls made by sales executives to the leads or customers.

CRM View

Here, you have an overall view of important details of the activities grouped under tasks, calls, and meetings in Zoho CRM.

Where to find Activities in Zoho CRM?

The activities tab is available in the CRM dashboard, and within the tab, you can find tasks, calls, and meetings.

You can filter records in Activity View against parameters like date, time, type, etc. You may create filtered views like “Today’s Activities,” “Tomorrow’s Activities,” and “Overdue Activities.” These views can be saved for future reference.

Activity View can be done in two formats:

Tabular View – Here the view is presented in a list formatted that can be sorted by columns in a way that is required by the user.

Kanban View – This view is presented under categories:

●       Customers
●       Open Deals
●       Leads/Contacts

In both formats, if you click on a record, you get a detailed view of the information and notes on any related activities.

Activity Management in Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM has exciting features that help you seamlessly perform activity management through the activity module. Simply put, the activity module can be seen as a to-do list merged with ZOHO CRM, helping you manage and track tasks, calls, and events.

Activity history is a great backup of completed tasks and detailed records of clients’ histories. Here, you can track users created and tasks completed from the linked records and use the information to create an audit trail to fix problematic deliverables and even reward the best performers in the team based on their work.

Repeating Tasks

You have the option of creating a recurring task in ZOHO CRM. You can set the time interval of repeating tasks on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly basis. You can set an end date for the task in the END option.

Reminders and Notifications

Once you create tasks, you can set reminders through email for the users assigned to the task. You can also toggle the reminder button to set pop-up reminders.
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Advantages of Activity Management in Zoho CRM

Here are some advantages:

●       Set specific task(s).
●       Track the progress or status of the task(s).
●       Set reminders for the due date of completion.
●       Organize events and track event-related progress.
●       Get relevant information related to a client in a single place.
●       Measure employee performance based on activities they have done.

Activities are extremely important to run a business smoothly and seamlessly.

Your employees don’t fall behind because they get reminders when tasks are due, and you can set it up to get updates when a task is added, completed, or moved into the next phase.

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