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HTML Email Signatures and the Advantages of Having One

Sometimes it is necessary to create an attractive email signature. It is especially important if you are representing a company or a personal brand. A professional email signature generates interest among readers and encourages them to contact you quickly and easily. So it is always best to design an attractive HTML signature that is appropriately formatted and includes your logo.

It is important to keep the signature mobile-friendly, responsive to cross-platform, etc. The basic idea is to make the signature informative and attractive.

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What is an HTML Email Signature?

An HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) signature is a block of text, with or without graphics, appearing at the bottom of an email. The HTML email signature stands out from plain text signatures because it can display images in different sizes, colours, and shapes. There are also options to add tracking links, lines, dots, other design elements.

The sales team needs to have a standardized email signature when communicating with customers so your company has a cohesive branding appearance across all platforms. Sales team managers often overlook this element, but it is just as important as the company name in your email address.

What Are the Benefits of HTML Email Signatures? 

HTML signatures for emails sent from Zoho CRM come with a lot of advantages for sales teams. This block of words and/or graphics at the end of every mail you exchange with your customers ensures enhanced branding along with a uniform customer service experience.

This allows the sales team to offer personalized communication which improves click-through rates, website visits, and calls. These signatures ensure that your customers know your brand, and the text and graphics promote brand name and consistency. They can also promote your latest campaign or promotion while driving brand credibility.

Email Signature Management for Zoho CRM Users 

If your sales team only has five users who are working with Zoho CRM, then setting up a signature manually is very easy. Even such a small team can leverage the free software available in Google to create signatures. However, if the size of the team is larger, say more than ten members, and they use Zoho CRM and email channels daily to communicate with customers, it is important to have an HTML email signature because creating a signature manually will take a lot of time.

You can simply use advanced solutions for email signature management for Zoho CRM users in a fast and automated way. This native integration of such solutions save you a lot of time and helps you:

  • Control the email signatures of your Zoho CRM users
  • Save time by standardizing email communication
  • Utilize native integration without sending complex tutorials to the end-user
  • Send professional emails for successful deals

How to Get a Signature Chat Code?

You can get a signature chat code from Zoho SalesIQ. Copy and paste the unique snippet code into signature directories for obtaining the signature chat widget in the mails.

Steps to follow:

  1. Go to Settings > Personalize > Choose Brands. Type your brand name then click Embed Code – Email Signature.
  2. Copy the HTML code and paste it into the required field.

In case the email does not support HTML code do the following:

  • Find the Image URL and the Link URL
    • Image URL – Get an image from Zoho SalesIQ to an email signature.
    • Link URL – Add Link to the signature image.

How to Customize the Signature Stamp?

ZOHO CRM users can change the background image that appears in the email-recipient landing page with a predefined image or by uploading a custom image.

Steps to customize signature stamp:

  • Go to Settings > Personalize > Choose Brands. Type your brand name then click Embed Code – Email Signature.
  • Click on Customization.
  • Click on Landing Page.
  • Select a background from the image gallery.
  • You may upload and use the custom image here.
  • Then, click Save

In Zoho CRM, email is an important channel of communication with potential and existing customers. Hence, the latest HTML email signature on outgoing emails will enhance sales efficiency.

An administrator understands the difficulty in managing many email signatures, and the manual process can be very tedious because it may involve switching between multiple applications. If there are multiple processes involved for every employee account, it is always better to opt for HTML email signatures.

If you want any help in email signature management to ensure uniform communication with customers and team members, contact us.

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