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What is Zoho Analytics, and How Does it Analyze Activities in Zoho CRM?

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What is Zoho Analytics?

Zoho Analytics is a data-analytics software in Zoho CRM used to create attractive data visualizations so you can discover hidden insights from that analysis. It is a self-service BI and data analytics software.

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How Does Zoho Analytics Analyze Activities in Zoho CRM?

In a CRM, it is essential to keep a close watch on various activities performed and handled by sales representatives. These activities include tasks, events, and calls made to prospects. Every detail related to the customer, like phone conversations, emails, and pre and post-sale communications all can be logged in the activities module of Zoho CRM.

Sales representatives and their managers need proper insight into these activities as a part of the sales process. Running a business involves tracking large volumes of data, and it becomes hectic, unreasonable, to keep track of so many details for the overall view the information presents. Zoho Analytics is the answer to these issues. It is a software add-on easily available on the Zoho marketplace. Zoho Analytics offers CRM users 25 auto-generated reports that can be used to analyze activities data, get insights, and visualize sales execution.

Advantages of ZOHO Analytics

Effective Activity Report: by Win Deals

This report shows the users the effectiveness of activity in winning a deal. The report shows the percentage of deals won each month and tasks, events, and calls—or a combination of these. A sales rep can understand which strategy works or fails at a glance.

Effective Activities Report: by Won Deals

This kind of report displays the number of tasks, events, and calls per won deal. Sales managers can track the number of activities each sales representative performed, the efficiency of each activity, and what level of engagement was executed to win the deal(s).

Hot Deals

Recognizing the hottest prospects by analyzing the data identifies several activities related to the prospect. Find the deals with the most number of activities and assign a sales team to convert them to clients.

Activities Trend by Month

Use Zoho Analytics to obtain a single view of the number of calls, tasks, and events handled by the sales representatives every month.

Activities for Leads, Contacts, Accounts, and Deals

Here you get an understanding of several activities completed by individual sales representatives for every module: Leads, Contacts, Accounts, and Deals. Users can examine this insight to find out the workload of salespeople—defined by the number of activities they handled.

The Average Number of Activities for Winning Deals

The report provides you with an idea of the average number of activities handled by the sales representatives and the deals they have won or closed. From this data, you can get an overall view of the number of won deals and the reps’ activity count. You can easily find the top-performing sales representative in this way.

First Response Time vs. Conversion Rate

This report gives you an idea of the best time for an initial response from prospects in order to boost the conversion rate.

Zoho Analytics has many more report types where you can get useful insights. The reports are customizable, and they allow you to generate specific reports and dashboards. Power up your sales team with Zoho Analytics and close more deals.

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