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What is Zoho Writer and Zoho Writer Features are Offered?

Zoho Writer

What is Zoho Writer?

Zoho Writer is a powerful tool used for editing, publishing, and collaborations. The writer comes with a lot of amazing features and its pared-down user interface allows users to focus on the work at hand.

The latest version of Writer introduced by Zoho focuses more on reducing manual paperwork, allows better collaboration, and makes work easier.

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The functions of Writer as a word processor has evolved from software used to process and format text to an amazing productivity tool. The tool can be used to discuss and share ideas, review content, organize information, etc.

When Zoho Writer is upgraded with innovation, a familiar tool becomes an amazing interface to bridge communication gaps; minimize mundane, manual work; etc. It transforms your word processor into a work processor.

What are the Features Offered by Zoho Writer?

Brings a better perspective to collaboration.

Along with the writer tool, you get an amazing collaboration analytics tool called Engagement Insights. This tool is used by writers to gain insight into how collaborators are interacting with the content. It allows each writer to understand which part of his or her content in the document gets more engagement and how effective the document is in the overall project.

Especially when working with legal documents, the tool offers insight into the section the client considers crucial. The tool allows you to restrict the visibility of comments to specific people, user roles, and/or groups. This allows you to have parallel communication with different groups while maintaining confidentiality.

Document automation, now driven by templates.

Zoho Writer has minimized the amount of manual editing, copy/pasting, duplication of content, etc. while generating contracts, letters, proposals, and customized marketing materials.

A new template, Prepare Template, flow allows you to configure a document for workflow automation. It also can be connected to data sources like Zoho CRM.

Here are some template functions you can use:

Merge templates: This allows the user to get data from spreadsheets or a CSV file.

Form-driven templates: Documents can be generated as users submit data through a Zoho form.

Sign templates: You can send documents for signing and approval.

Fillable templates: You can create documents others can fill and submit.

Easier ways to organize and edit content.

Zoho Writer makes mundane and repetitive tasks easier. You can move sections of the content by dragging and dropping in the Document Navigator panel. You can click on the heading and move it up and down. It is fun when you notice all the paragraphs under the heading can be moved. Another interesting thing you get through Writer is the Multi-page view, which allows users to edit multiple pages at a time.

A great, cross-platform PDF Form alternative.

Creating and distributing fillable documents takes a lot of time and effort. The writer makes this job easier. You’re offered a new form of fillable documents which easily works across operating systems, without additional installations. This smoothly integrates with electronic signatures, email, and cloud storage services.

This feature saves a lot of time for executives and HR. The employees can easily fill-out corporate forms and submit them back without the need to print the document or send attachments over email.

Reducing formatting and customization headaches.

For many, formatting is an alienating process. The writer offers you features that smooth the process of formatting. The only thing you need to do is extract the design from the existing document and apply it to your document in Writer with a few simple clicks. To maintain brand consistency, the tool also allows you to directly bring in fonts from your PC to the Writer.

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