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How Social Media Can Help You Recruit the Best Employees for Your Business

When you hear social media sites are helpful for recruitment, you might think: I’ve searched LinkedIn for potential workers before, so I understand that much. How is this topic any different?

Well, recruiting has changed significantly in the last ten years. According to 49% of HR professionals, their organization’s goal is to push virtual recruiting and applicant interaction. If you don’t browse all your social media sites as potential applicant pools, you’re most likely missing out on some superb talent. Building on our previous post about recruiting on Instagram, we’re diving into all the other platforms and discussing social recruiting in general.

What is social recruiting?

Social recruiting is a talent acquisition approach where organizations leverage social networks to find and acquire highly-skilled, qualified candidates for available positions.

How social media helps you recruit the best employees:

  1. Easy and Faster Recruitment: Recruitment has become easier because of social media. Recruiters are ready to cut back hiring costs by eliminating expenditures such as job board fees and travel costs. They’ve gone to creating a job ad, promoting it on different social networks, and waiting for applications. It provides a higher ROI because recruiters are able to focus on other important tasks.
  2. Increases Employer Branding: Employer branding refers to how the general public perceives your company, and a positive perception increases their chances of joining your team. You can improve your online brand recognition by enhancing your social media presence. This is advantageous for two reasons: brand memory and business credibility—both of which can influence how your business is perceived.
  3. Attracts Inactive Talent: Developing a social media presence will help you attract potential employees that aren’t necessarily looking for a job. If your content is easily accessible online, especially if it is SEO-friendly, it is likely to spark the attention of passive candidates. These people aren’t looking for a new job, but they are open to the idea of working for you. It is likely to have a positive and significant impact on the business. That’s something to consider!
  4. Showcases Your Team: There’s an opportunity to create strong human connections through content that celebrates people and the work they do. According to surveys, social media may feel especially devoid of personality and warmth when a company’s exclusive focus is on marketing material.
  5. Increased Employee Referrals: Employers are using social media to reach passive job seekers and boost employee referrals, but according to research, referral hires have higher job satisfaction and stay with organizations for longer periods of time. Moreover, employees that are socially active are more cheerful, motivated, connected, and tenured. It also has a big impact on turnover costs.
  6. Create Long-Term Relationships: If you’re looking for new employees, keep up the good work on social media so you can build a network of followers who love your products or services. Remember that social media is, at its core, a relationship-building tool to connect with potential candidates. That being said, it can also help you maintain relationships you’ve already built.

To summarise, the rise of social media has helped millions of businesses in their recruitment endeavours. It provides so many perks that can boost a company’s success. While it might be difficult to keep up with the changing trends, if the return is greater ROI and quality employees, it will be worth the effort.

We’ll be taking a short break here on the blog until after the new year, but you can read some of our other marketing posts while you’re here, and we’ll see you the second week of January!


Subin Saleem

Digital Marketing Analyst

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