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How ZOHO’s WhatsApp Integration Allows Balanced Communication with Customers

ZOHO WhatsApp Integration

Messaging apps, like WhatsApp, are commonly used by many people. The messaging app offers business accounts so businesses can communicate with clients and customers in an official capacity. The app has a lot of important details related to customers, hence, it is crucial to ensure Zoho WhatsApp integration is done properly.

Zoho’s WhatsApp integration is used to synchronize a CRM with a WhatsApp business account. This helps you send files and messages to contacts directly from Zoho CRM.

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A Zoho WhatsApp integration enables users to communicate directly with contacts, leads, or CRM customers through messages. They can send instant messages and store messages and data shared during the conversations automatically. The lead, or contact, tab allows you to see sent and received messages on WhatsApp directly from the CRM. You can schedule marketing campaigns and send alerts through the messenger as well.

Zoho’s WhatsApp integration also tracks the WhatsApp messages sent by your team so the team leads can control the communication within the team. This extension allows the team leads to manage their entire communication process collaboratively.

It’s easy to add multiple members to the same conversation in WhatsApp and to assign tasks. You can use the Zoho WhatsApp integration to control business workings smoothly through instant messaging from different devices like a PC, tablet, or smartphone. The interface allows professional and well-integrated business dealings.

Features of Zoho WhatsApp Integration-:

  • send and receive text, PDF, JPEG, PNG, GIF files
  • merge documents in Zoho Docs
  • upload and send files from a local device to WhatsApp
  • send scheduled WhatsApp messages to customers
  • send bulk WhatsApp messages to customers in a single go
  • get notified instantly, inside Zoho CRM, of an incoming WhatsApp message
  • automate replies and actions based on message content

Send automated messages to potential customers through WhatsApp to attract their interest in your business in an innovative way. This interface allows the marketing team to create targeted marketing campaigns using WhatsApp’s messaging templates. You simply have to add leads or contacts from the Zoho CRM and customize your message, setting a time to send the marketing campaign(s). The Zoho WhatsApp integration extension helps a team visualize and manage messages, emails, calls, etc. in a single place. In case of poor internet connections, the interface ensures the scheduled messages, reminders, etc. are sent to contacts via SMS automatically.

Zoho’s WhatsApp integration boosts your business and enables seamless communication management with your clients.

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Lekshmi Devi

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