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The Best Design Trend : Design Trends 2019!

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” is an age-old saying, but nowadays, the cover holds a vital role to attract and trap their readers (isn’t it?). Investing in the making of a bold and impressive cover is a smart choice and that is what a good focus on user interface design is all about.

These UI design trends play a major role in capturing the attention of a user in a better way by simply modifying the image, look, color, etc. After all, the main aim is to give the best experience to our mobile app users.

Let’s check out the latest UI design trends of 2019:

Augmented Reality:

You all must have played Pokemon Go, but ever wondered that what kind of technology it is?
We are familiar with the term Virtual Reality (VR), but now, as the system demands some more advancements, we stepped into the world of Augmented Reality (AR). This simply makes the live view exciting by adding digital elements to it. AR basically provide a composite view to the user by superimposing the digitally generated images to the real view of the smartphone’s cameras. Involvement of this feature helps for creating an interactive environment.


Animation succeeds to draw attention till date. Considering it to be a magnetic element for the users, animations are increasing their level of creativity day by day, for instance, upgrading to micro-animations. Micro-animation is an innovative tool which includes content as well to make the users understand the app/website in a better manner, and hence, helps them in bringing positive traffic growth. This kind of animation shows motion only when hovered on, but marks itself absent when there is a presence of a touchscreen.

Bold colors:

Having knowledge of color theory is important. Working with vibrant colors and gradients intelligently will give good returns. An impactful image includes stunning graphics and designs.



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