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Tips for Drawing Talent to Your Website

Career sites are a critical tool to build recognition for your brand and attract candidates. They are also an effective conduit for converting quality candidates into applicants. Many of today’s career portals are static pages with static lists of open positions. This requires a lot of work to maintain and isn’t user friendly. You should upgrade your career website with sophisticated features so you can attract the talent your company needs and make applying for an open position easier.

Here are some of the tips for increasing career page traffic:

Boost your visibility using SEO. Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo rank and show content based on an algorithm that determines what’s most relevant to users. About 70% of job searchers begin on Google. That means developing a content marketing strategy for your recruitment efforts is vital. Getting SEO and content marketing right will help you maximize your job board spending and naturally source more prospects. We’ve seen organizations use this method to raise their organic search conversions by 40%.

Create a career button on your website. You likely have more traffic to your corporate website than your careers site. This is because people visit a company brand site for a number of different reasons, whereas careers sites are just for job seekers. To take advantage of this, add a Jobs or Careers page link to your main navigation menu so people can find it easily.

Make the application process easier. Conversion rates increase by 365% when a job application takes five minutes or less to complete, according to Prudente. To simplify the application, eliminate any needless processes, such as requiring candidates to submit their résumé and then manually fill out their career history. Embedding smart technology like resume parsing, social sign-in, and chatbots can simplify the steps and make life easier for candidates.

Keep your job postings short. Shorter job postings receive more applications than medium-length (301-600 words) or lengthy postings. Shorter job postings generate 8.4% more applications per view than the longer ones. Given that most candidates spend relatively little time reviewing a job posting, keeping it succinct will give you a far greater chance of receiving a résumé in return.

Don’t compromise having necessary information in job descriptions just to keep them short. Job descriptions should be summarized on the main page, but each one should link to its own detail page. People want their questions addressed here, so give as much detail as possible. If you have a large number of job descriptions, a filtering/sorting mechanism can make this part of your website more user-friendly.

Testimonials and reviews matter. In terms of your website, showing testimonials and reviews makes a big difference; these are typically from current or past employees. Fill out your Glassdoor page and invite every one of your employees to go submit one if you don’t have any yet. Make sure your photographs and videos are diverse.

Career hashtags will be useful. Use popular job hashtags like #nowhiring #vacancy and #jobopening as well as more niche hashtags for your sector. Career hashtags work on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and TikTok but not on Facebook. So, if you hashtag your work-related social postings, they will be much more apparent to active job searchers who utilize social media sites for job seeking.

Use your social media accounts. Having dedicated social media accounts for job postings will allow you to focus on building your brand on social. Every post is a chance to drive visitors back to your careers page. It also allows you to post job content as often as you like without annoying anyone who follows your brand but isn’t looking for a new job.

Create a talent community. When a candidate applies for one of your positions, they enter your CRM and join your talent community. Recruiters can cultivate critical contacts through email and SMS marketing. Creating a talent community is a great way to keep people in the loop, engage silver medallists, and proactively source for future positions.

Create branding you can get behind. Positive employer branding attracts double the number of applications as negative brands. If your organization provides what employees desire most now – flexible work, work-life balance, and a dedication to DEI — make it known loudly and frequently via all media. Then, monitor your KPIs to evaluate how your actions affect applicant quality, acceptance rates, and retention rates.

These are the tips for increasing career page traffic. Let us know your opinion and comment below.


Subin Saleem

Marketing Team Lead

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