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Top 8 reasons your organization needs an employee manual

Nothing is more important than communicating with your team members to ensure everyone understands your organization’s objectives, expectations, mission, and vision.
The importance of crafting and retaining an employee manual can be missed by busy owners in the everyday whirlwind of building a company, balancing customer demands, and working to hire and retain the right employees.

Let’s dig a little bit deeper.

What is an employee manual?

The Employee Manual is a document that outlines a company’s key policies and procedures and describes its company culture.

Why should you create an employee manual?

To stop the heated debates and disputes between staff, HR and administrators, you need a written version of your policies and procedures. This will also help your office to function properly. Employees can review procedures themselves without having to ask their bosses or HR every time, the employee has a question or are uncertain of what the procedure is to handle a specific situation.

Here are some of the reasons creating an employee manual is important:

Onboarding Process: An employee manual is particularly important for employees who are new to your company. An employee guide is a valuable tool for employee onboarding as because employees navigate the workplace and become familiar with regulations more quickly. This packet should include a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and confidentiality agreement to ensure workers don’t disclose sensitive information, a conflict-of-interest agreement, a non-compete agreement, the employee manual, and job-specific contracts.

Policies and Procedures: To write your employee manual, you will have to clearly define the policies and procedures of your company and your employees. Writing an employee guide will help you formalize and organize your company’s policies in a single location.

Diversity and Equality: If you want your organization to grow and attract talent, you need to demonstrate you are firmly committed to building a diverse workplace. This means you provide details in the employee manual about your equal opportunities and equality and fairness policies.

Legal and Compliance: There are tons of regulations to be kept in mind by HR professionals, and these policies are not to be kept secret from your employees. Ethics is especially important in some industries, especially if your employees need to interact with customers on a regular basis. Your working relationship is clearly defined through an efficient personnel manual, which is an important legal protection for your company.

Mission and Vision: A great employee handbook clearly communicates the mission, vision, and values of your organization, thus highlighting the culture of your company. Whenever your business recruits someone, it can become a real problem to go through the arduous process of describing the mission statement with the cultural ethos. Your employee handbook simplifies the process.

Employee Benefits: One of the most important pieces of advice in an employee manual is a comprehensive guide on employee benefits. Yes, in the compliance policy section of the packet, you can cover these benefits, such as maternity and sickness leave, but you can also detail them in the manual.

Communication Policy: Before the worker really sets foot in the organisation, the employee manual should be treated more as a means of contact between the employee and the boss. Many employers and HR experts urge business owners to implement social media policies, but policies that are too stringent may backfire. Overall, there are more advantages than pitfalls for your employees when discussing your work online, so don’t forget that in your social media policy portion of your handbook.

Signature Page: It is important to check that your new employee has read and recognized the employee manual by including an acknowledgement page he or she must sign and return. Once it’s returned, put the document in the person’s personnel file.

An excellent employee manual unites the employer and employees on the same platform about how work should be done and what to expect when doing it. It informs employees of their rights while defending your company against lawsuits as a result of the employee’s lack of understanding of your company’s rules and policies.

If you need help getting started, here is an excellent resource.

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