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What are leads in Zoho crm and how do we qualify them

Leads can be defined as unqualified contacts or sales opportunities for your business. Leads in Zoho CRM are raw details of individuals or organization representatives that are gathered from social media platforms, marketing campaigns, seminars, trade shows, advertisements, etc. A lead goes through a very rigorous follow-up process by sales representatives before being qualified and converted into an account, contacts, and/or deal in Zoho CRM.

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What is the Lead Qualification Process in Zoho CRM?

Not every lead in Zoho CRM is worth contacting. The leads are gathered from different sources and incorporated into a single database. The format can be inconsistent, records disorganized, and you may not have the full information of the leads required.

So, how do we find full information on leads? Through lead qualification!

Lead qualification is the process of finding out the legitimate lead through continuous follow-up. Once you have the right list worth connecting, they are converted to contacts. This ensures you have higher chances of converting the qualified list to deals or business opportunities.

Why Do You Need to Qualify Leads in ZOHO CRM?

As we gather leads through multiple sources, chances are most of the leads may blow you off, pass you along for someone else, or even run you down. You do not have time to waste by pitching your products or services to them when you could have converted other, more promising, leads. The lead qualification process saves you time and energy.

Qualifying Zoho leads can be done by discovering if the leads are genuinely interested in your products or services. Once you verify the interest factor, you need to find a reliable way to contact those leads, compose a message that suits his or her requirement(s), and initiate a further conversation to push them up the sales funnel. Good leads require your product or services and are interested in buying. So, the better your lead qualification process, the better leads you acquire—all the more reason to consider leads as an essential start to the effective sales funnel.

Qualifying Leads in Your Zoho CRM

The lead status field helps you indicate the qualified Zoho leads in CRM. Workflows can be set to automatically adjust the firks when the contents in the record are updated to match specific conditions. The lead status can be manually updated based on the interactions the sales representatives have with the leads.

Manually Changing Lead Status:

You can manually edit the lead status by editing the Zoho CRM record. Though manual lead management can be time-consuming and tedious, it is the most complete process. Create a clear and practical workflow, including maximum possible scenarios, to manually qualify leads. Learn from experts from authorized Zoho partner how Zoho CRM helps the sales representatives avoid making judgment calls, and they can solely depend on the effective algorithm to qualify leads.

Automatically Changing Lead Status:

A business with an Enterprise license for Zoho CRM can use a lead qualification Blueprint to qualify your leads automatically. Blueprints can be defined as a mix of step-by-step guides and automatic decision-making. This reduces the large number of errors made by computers and humans. You can automatically ingest leads into Zoho CRM using Zoho Forms and automatically qualify leads solely based on simple conditions.

Intelligently Setting Lead Status:

Without an efficient lead qualification structure, it is very difficult for the sales team to identify good leads and bad leads. Zoho CRM lead qualification structure allows your sales team to spend less time sorting the leads and more time in implementing sales strategies to convert the lead(s) to deals. Finding the best prospects always depends on what makes the leads more valuable to your business. Consider parameters like:

  • job title
  • seniority
  • internal organizational details
  • estimated budget
  • time to purchase
  • frequency of purchase
  • dominant industry etc.

These could be some of the lead qualification parameters. If these are not suitable for the project you are working on, find common trends between the prospects from the largest sales you had, and then set those as your parameters for lead qualification.

Never be afraid to throw out more leads than the number of leads you keep. The most important metric needs to be several closed deals rather than several rejections. A strong set of qualified leads in Zoho CRM assures an improved sales average for your sales team.

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