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Staff Writers’ Picks – Our Favorite YouTube Channels

Something educational or fun to do while stuck inside.

Hello, lovely people! Today, our staff writers have gotten together and curated a list of fun and/or educational YouTube channels they love to watch. We realize the pandemic is still driving folks indoors, and we thought we’d help you beat back the monotony by introducing you to some of our favorite YouTube personalities. Sit back, relax, and get your clicking finger ready to explore the channels listed below.

First up, Jo Michaels’ picks and her comments about each:

My first pick is Ms. Caroline Girvan’s channel. She’s fit, fierce, and will leave you feeling great. All you need is your body and a set of dumbbells to do most of her workouts (some only require your body). Best of all? They’re rarely more than forty minutes long. Find her on YouTube here.

My second choice is a fluid art channel. If you haven’t tried fluid art, you’re missing out on the most fun you’ll ever have. This one is Molly’s Artistry. She does amazing things with a blow dryer, and if you happen upon one of her colander pours, your eyes may pop right out of your head. She’s spunky and funny, and her art is quite beautiful. Find her on YouTube here.

Third, I have a lady who loves to make art with resin and paint. Her channel is called Pouring Your Heart Out, and while her videos are long, they’re full of great information. She’s from Australia, and she has the most adorable accent. I can guarantee you’ll be playing with resin quickly if you give her a few minutes of your time. Find her on YouTube here.

Next, we have Subin Saleem’s choices and his comments about each:

My first choice is a wonder kid—Diana—who love toys, games, entertainment and travel. She used to do videos about toys unboxing, challenges, vlogs, etc. Diana is from the U.S. She has 80.1M subscribers. I’m sure you will enjoy her way of presenting. Find her YouTube here Kids Diana Show

My second is Stan Prokopenko, an artist and teacher. Proko is a resource for artists to get good art instruction videos. He loves to do tutorials in fun mode. He is also from the U.S. Find his YouTube here Proko.

My third choice is Casey Neistat, vlogger. He inspires with his hard-working attitude and gives wannabe filmmakers a thrill with his tasteful shots. Casey tells great stories using his camera skills and his personality – like the time he took lifeguard training with Kevin Hart at Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles. Find his YouTube here CaseyNeistat.

Last, but certainly not least, we have Lekshmi Devi’s YouTube picks and her insights on her choices:

My first pick would be my all-time favourite YouTuber, Michelle Khare. She is an allrounder when it comes to her talents. She is a content creator, athlete, actress, and TV host. She is a great inspiration for people off-colour as her father’s origin is in India and her mother is from the U.S. She is known for living life to the extreme by taking intense mental and physical challenges that many women dare not take. She documents her journey raw and inspires many young girls to break the glass ceiling. She lives what she preaches! She proves to her followers in real-time that with hard work, perseverance, and willpower, anything is possible.  Find her YouTube here.

My second favourite YouTube channel is Tasty. This channel is about everything mouthwatering and how to cook them easily. The recipes, talent and cookware… all favourite things of a food lover are showcased here. The channel is a great way to start cooking your favourite cuisines at home during this lockdown. Stop paying hefty bills on takeouts, and start utilizing your state-of-the-art kitchen to whip up your favourite food. Find the channel here.

We hope you all enjoyed this fun list of channels and that you dive in with gusto as a way to battle the monotony of doing the same thing every day while stuck inside.

Thanks for reading!


Jo Michaels

Marketing Coordinator

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