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Zoho Updates and New Features Edition – Discover What’s New

Recent Zoho update

Zoho developers have been continuously enhancing the platform, fixing bugs, and introducing the latest features to accommodate new requirements of sales teams and their customers. Here are some of the recent updates Zoho has rolled out in May, June, and July.

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Zoho Updates in July

Attaching files from other Cloud Drives

Users can now attach files to records from cloud drives the same way files can be attached to a record from another service like Google Drive, DropBox, and OneDrive via the attachments related list. It is important to note that the file size should not exceed 10MB and only 5 files can be attached in a single go.

State and transition limits increased in Command Center

The number of stages that can be included has been increased from 50 to 70 and the number of transitions included in a journey has been increased to 110.

Zoho Updates in June

PHP SDK Version 4.0.0 was restructured to support v2.1 APIs and enhanced configuration processes

PHP SDK Version 4.0.0 was also upgraded to support the new v2.1 APIs and aid SDK configuration. This enhances the configuration process and makes initialization user friendly.

Fix applied to remove a file-processing bug in TypeScript Version 1.1.1

A file processing bug in TypeScript Version 1.1.1 was fixed by improving PHP SDK. The bug showed the error “Cannot read property ‘hasOwnProperty'” due to improper file processing in Windows OS.

Improvements to support new APIs in PHP SDK Version 4.0.0

New APIs like Pipeline API, Send Mail, and Assignment Rules were introduced, and the PHP SDK was improved to support the new APIs seamlessly.

Zia Reasoning introduced in Assignment Rules

Zia Reasoning was introduced in Assignment Rules so Zia can display criteria, fields, and parameters it uses to assign record owners. Zia’s owner-suggestion skills can be enhanced by allowing admins to disable or enable the contributing fields.

Unique fields used to find similar records

By introducing this feature, now the sales representatives can use unique fields from Accounts and Contacts to find similar records during lead conversion in addition to the system-defined fields of the Leads module.

Introducing Single Sign-in For Multiple Orgs

Now, the multi-org functionality allows multiple CRM accounts to log in using a single credential. CRM users can be part of multiple accounts through invitations sent by authorized users.

Copy Customization supports Campaign Member Status

This new feature allows users to copy Campaign Member Status when the users copy customization from one CRM account to another.

Zoho Updates In May

Introducing Common Holiday List

The feature allows users across different departments in an organization to introduce common holidays known as “Business Holidays,” despite the time zones, shifts, or locations of the employees. The features also allow users to clone holiday lists.

HIPAA Compliance

All features offered by Zoho CRM to the customers are per HIPAA rules and regulations. Introduction of HIPAA Compliance allows the security of sensitive data and limits access to the same via APIs. New keys were introduced in Organization API and Fields Metadata API.

Create record through workflow scheduled action

Create records automatically through workflow rules for scheduled actions along with previously introduced features for instant actions.

More to explore in territory APIs

The latest set of territory APIs allows users to remove, assign, and retrieve the details of territories assigned to Accounts, Contacts, Leads, or Deals.

Upgrade to Support carry over tags in JavaScript Version 1.1.0

The latest updates in JavaScript SDK supports carryover tags while converting leads. Carryover tags are those users choose to carry over while qualified leads are converted to contacts, accounts, or deals.

Null pointer exception fixed by revamping Scala SDK Version 1.1.0

The null pointer exception has been fixed by restructuring Scala SDK Version 1.1.0. The error showed because there was no redirect URL for self-clients in the previous version.

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