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The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn

With the outbreak of COVID-19, we are all online. Platforms for businesses, like LinkedIn, have value in keeping industries connected and operating.

LinkedIn, like all other large social media platforms, is very different now from its launch. More than 30 million businesses use LinkedIn to do their business. LinkedIn has added many functions to the website in recent years. It keeps these functions up to date with emerging developments in connectivity, marketing, business, etc.

I’ll show you around some of the most incredible and interesting features.

LinkedIn Learning: If you are a keen learner, or are just curious about a topic and want to know more, LinkedIn Learning is the place to go. I can understand your questions about how this might be useful to a business. Will anyone stop you from gaining knowledge? If you want to grow more, you need to be up to date with both your skills and your knowledge. You’ll be more confident than ever in your abilities to support your clients’ questions and desires by keeping up to date on business developments, hot subjects, and what your competitors are doing by enrolling in one of the courses offered on LinkedIn Learning.

Active Status: We have seen this green dot for years. Facebook and Google have used this to allow users to easily communicate with one another while online. The green dot feature is now available on LinkedIn as well! If a connection is online, Active Status displays a green dot next to their picture on their profile page. How is that useful to your business? Knowing someone is online and available raises the chances of them reading or listening to your note because you can get hold of them right when they check their updates. The same is valid if you want your active status to be recognized. On that note, double-check that your active status is set to “on.”

Schedule a Video Meeting in a Message: 2020 has been a massive year for live videos, with Instagram Live views increasing by 70% from February to March this year. Within the messenger functionality on LinkedIn, you can now arrange a video conference. Scan at the bottom of the message box for a camera button.

Choose a provider to use; I choose Zoom because I have a Zoom account. Make an immediate meeting link or set up a potential meeting. The meeting link is then inside the message box where your connection has already interacted with you!

In reaction to constraints on social distancing, brands and designers have turned to live broadcasts, which has resulted in the cancellation of most in-person activities. LinkedIn Live, a flexible, entirely digital forum for corporate activities, Q&A, and think leadership, could not have arrived at a better time in this regard.

Creating Polls: LinkedIn Polls, which was introduced earlier this year, is an excellent new feature for generating fast engagements on the platform. Using a poll to learn more about your audience or business will yield useful knowledge. You should choose how many days you want your survey to run and gather data, and you will get valuable insight into your network. It’s far from great, but I suggest you give it a shot.

Hashtag Presentations: While hashtags on LinkedIn are uncommon, they provide a unique way to communicate with followers and interact with posts on your Page. Add up to three hashtags related to your company, market, or target audience. They’ll appear on your Page as Community Hashtags.

LinkedIn Publishing: Following our discussion of some newer LinkedIn features to support your business, we will conclude with a feature that has long existed but is now more refined than ever. Users have had access to writing and posting content for some time, but LinkedIn has made it easier than ever for users to write original content. You are initiating ongoing discussions that can lead to new relationships and possibilities as a result of expressing your insights and knowledge. Being able to refer clients to an article you wrote brings another degree of prestige to the business.

Company Page Update

Invite Connections: To support pages in expanding their followers, LinkedIn is offering page managers the opportunity to invite first-degree profile contacts to follow their page. Individual users should opt out of these invites if they do not want to accept them.

LinkedIn Events: Many users are unaware, but on any given day, you will find a wide array of virtual meetups, webinars, and other activities taking place on LinkedIn. I can hear your mind asking how that is useful to your business, right? LinkedIn Events is a perfect way to communicate with friends and learn from them. There are events for nearly every industry. You will also get a sneak look at the parties your rivals hold with their customers and prospects in case you want to host one yourself.

Sponsor an update: You can maximize the value and scope of your best LinkedIn Page content by sponsoring a LinkedIn Page message. To maximize your ad budget, you can set promotion goals and deadlines, as well as reach particular audiences.

Post a free Job: Your company’s LinkedIn page is an excellent place to post job opportunities because anyone who follows your page is involved in your brand. Write a brief status note on the position and have a link to the career listing on your website so prospective applicants can find you quickly.

Showcase Page: Create a LinkedIn Showcase Page to demonstrate a particular project or target a particular audience. Even if someone doesn’t follow your page, LinkedIn members will follow you through these links.


LinkedIn appears to be speeding up the introduction of new updates recently. It makes sense that more professionals will be using LinkedIn in 2021 than ever before. Obviously, a large number of unemployed people used LinkedIn, but I also discovered that big companies, executives, and corporate leaders spend more time creating and cultivating their networks there.

Now that you have all this insight, go try it out for yourself, and if you feel like it, while you are there, leave us some love on our LinkedIn page.


Subin Saleem

Marketing Team Lead

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