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CloudQ Releases Storage App in the Salesforce AppExchange – QStorage+

Let’s be honest, storage space on Salesforce is expensive! Everywhere we turned, there were storage issues, so we set out to develop a product to fix it.

See a need, fill a need!

For starters, we needed to devise a way to keep costs down and keep things simple for users. So many storage apps out there need a hefty user guide or custom installs in order to start using them, and we wanted to circumvent both those issues.

While we were at it, we wanted to be sure the users’ information would remain secure, so we turned to Amazon Web Services to host our users’ storage. Since they’ve been in the data storage business a long time, we knew we could count on their security measures to keep things safe. Their pricing was in line with what we wanted, too, so it was a no brainer in the end.

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Enter QStorage+.

This app is one of the easiest to install. All a user needs to do is choose one of our amazing packages, download the app, install the app, and verify their email to get started uploading and sharing.

As far as pricing goes, there are several tiers to choose from, and they start at just $14.99. Now that’s a deal!

If you’d like more information on this amazing application, or a way to purchase it, you can check out the QStorage+ page right here on our site. This is one of those products you don’t want to miss, so get to clicking!

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