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The Annual Salesforce Dreamforce Meetup is Around the Corner

Dreamforce Meetup

What is Dreamforce?

Every year, Salesforce hosts a conference called Dreamforce. It brings together members of the global Salesforce community for learning, entertainment, socializing, and charitable endeavors. International trailblazers come together to exchange ideas, celebrate victories, and stay up to date on recent developments in their fields.

Dreamforce, which began as a conference in 2003, has evolved into a must-attend, immersive event. Attendees will be empowered to improve their organizations and professions through motivational keynotes and seminars, visionary thinking and the future of technology, and lessons on how business can be the most significant platform for change.

Salesforce clients and partners can learn new things and improve their productivity, profitability, and brand value by taking part in Dreamforce.

The Advantages of Attending Dreamforce 2022

Learning: Dreamforce can give you much more than information on the most recent items.

You can be inspired, see what tech will mean for the future, and engage directly with that tech.

Learning is unlimited because of the tens of thousands of Salesforce partner demos and solutions as well as professional insights.

Connecting: Interact with the pioneers each day, and take advantage of the limitless networking opportunities. This is the perfect location to make new friends, advance your career, and find inspiration. There, a casual lunch meeting may lead to a significant shift in your career.

Philanthropy: There is always a sizable portion of philanthropy at Dreamforce. Dreamforce presents opportunities to improve global equity. Salesforce has raised more than $83 million to aid communities. You give back by participating in Dreamforce. For instance, Salesforce donated $5 million during Dreamforce To You 2020 to solve existing racial inequity and economic, food, and health concerns.

The small-business fund, which supports San Francisco’s small businesses, received $2 million of that sum, and hunger-relief organizations received $3 million. In 2021, Salesforce enlisted the aid of the entire world by donating $1 million to American Forests and One Tree Planted to combat climate change.

Having Fun: No gathering is complete without a party! Dreamfest is a result of this. Typically lasting a week, Dreamforce features events, parties, and happy hours all around town. But Dreamfest is the pinnacle of entertainment. Alicia Keys, Bruno Mars, and Metallica have all performed before. The Red Hot Chili Peppers are to perform this year. Furthermore, UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals receive 100% of Dreamfest revenues.

ROI: Previous participants have reported measurable increases of over 20% in ROI on transaction sizes, the volume of marketing leads, win rate, and sales productivity.

So, are you trying to convince your company to let you attend a lot of Dreamforce 2022 sessions?

Then you ought to begin now!

When and Where is Dreamforce? Dreamforce 2022 will be broadcast live on Salesforce+ for free (register here: ), and you may also attend in person from September 20–22 in San Francisco, California, USA.


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