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CloudQ is a Salesforce development company delivering end to end Salesforce solutions

CloudQ is one of the leading Salesforce Development Company and Consulting firms Based on the U.S. We offer optimized Salesforce CRM development through planning, designing, and full integration of Salesforce CRM-based market models to companies, helping them deliver better results and obtain higher profits. Our Salesforce solutions improve the way organizations communicate and handle their clients, products, partners, and personnel.

Salesforce Consulting

As a Salesforce development company we provide Salesforce consulting services in a variety of sectors. Our certified Salesforce developers and quality assurance team work together to help businesses discover the value of their product, use the power of big data, and ensure unsurpassed quality.

Our Salesforce consulting services team will examine your business process and outline the most efficient way of customizing Salesforce for your specific requirements. Our team can assist you in launching or restarting Salesforce initiatives that have the best chance of launching your business toward the goals you’ve set.

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End to End Salesforce Development Services

We provide businesses with the best Salesforce Development Services, including developing, building, and executing complete Salesforce-based business solutions to help businesses achieve increased efficiency and productivity.

Our Salesforce development services provide a wide range of options to meet our clients’ business requirements. Our expert team of Salesforce certified developers guarantee the applications offered are highly accessible, flexible, and extensible, and we also work towards creating a long-lasting relationship with clients.

CloudQ the Salesforce development company offers a wide range of Salesforce development services to meet the changing needs of businesses. Our Salesforce specialists also have extensive experience in extending and modifying Salesforce with Visualforce and Apex, so your business has access to the highest-quality solutions.

CloudQ creates the basis of cloud computing to make it a pleasurable and cost-effective experience for you

CloudQ understands the importance of being a one-of-a-kind company. The nicest part is that we don’t have to change the way we do business for your Salesforce CRM solution to fit your business model. Instead, we customize the CRM applications to fit the way we do business and seamlessly integrate your model with ours.

CloudQ has worked in almost all industries and have completed and launched various Salesforce implementations, third-party integrations, etc. Our Salesforce experts accept any challenge and deliver on time, as you can see in our project briefs.

Let’s have a look at some of the capabilities we have and tools we’ve used for different projects.

Salesforce1 Mobile App Development

CloudQ has implemented the Salesforce1 Mobile App in various industries, including Non-profit, healthcare, manufacturing, and banking & finance. We used Salesforce Lightning to build Salesforce1 Mobile platforms and Salesforce Lightning-ready AppExchange Apps. Having a better customer relationship means easier management and allows a deeper insight into your customers’ experiences.

Both small and medium-sized businesses can bypass the prohibitive cost in the development of personalized apps and can get personalized software solutions. Our Salesforce1 Mobile App Development services can increase the productivity of employees who seek mobility in your organization.

Our Salesforce implementation specialists are recognized for providing fast setups and out-of-the-box solutions for Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Community Cloud, Non-Profit, and Salesforce CPQ.

Third-Party Integrations

CloudQ was given a tough challenge by our customers when we were asked to integrate non-Salesforce apps. For example, we’ve implemented a third-party integration called Value SMS for a healthcare company. It allows you to use the advanced feature of connecting with your customer via text message. Another challenge we overcame was integrating a third-party tool called Map Anything. It has features like management of open slots, capacity, patient history, appointments, client information, and more, and all these tasks have been made faster.

Salesforce Maps now automatically syncs with the clinician’s calendar, so there are no more missed appointments.

Another interesting feature we added for retail is a PayPal integration. That client can now sell directly on their Salesforce Community platform. We dove into a Hootsuite to Pardot migration project as well, and that increased our client’s customer engagement.

Salesforce Integration Services

As Salesforce development partners, CloudQ acknowledges that, with the exponential growth in cloud/mobile/social networks, clients are left hamstrung by silo platforms because they have individual features, roles, etc. Nothing works seamlessly together. We bring solutions to integrate those networks. CloudQ has done Outlook integration, too. CAD project management was automated for the manufacturing industry, reducing manual work. Automation of quarterly business reviews saved time and effort. Leads with more efficient ROI were generated through campaigns. We also offercustom integrations depending on client requirements.

Since integration software rarely addresses the particular needs of an organization, businesses typically switch to Salesforce technology development partners who can provide the special solutions needed.

Our Salesforce technology integration specialists advise on an optimal integration strategy and assist with challenging initiatives, contributing to the following:

  • Automation of Business
  • Increased user experience with a single authentication through tools
  • Enabling salespeople to access the features they need through the Salesforce application
  • 360-degree view
  • Consistent Customer Feedback

Why Choose CloudQ as Your Salesforce Consultant?

  • You’ll have a reliable Salesforce solution that steadily evolves per your business needs
  • Minimal management efforts
  • Uninterrupted business process
  • Cost-effective

So, if you want a certified salesforce implementation expert, contact us. Why burn a hole in your wallet when you have affordable options like CloudQ?


  • 1. Why CloudQ is the top Salesforce Development Company in 2021 for you to consider?
  • CloudQ offers you the following as the top Salesforce Development Company in the USA :

    CloudQ offers our customers a reliable Salesforce solution that steadily evolves as per business needs.

    Minimal management efforts.


    Uninterrupted business process.

    24 x 7 customer support for all kinds of queries.

  • 2. Why Choose CloudQ as your Salesforce Consultant Company?
  • Here are the reasons why you should choose CloudQ as your Salesforce Consultant Company:

    Agile Method For Project Management.

    Defining a Technical Project.

    Identifying Hardware and Application Compatibility.

    Change Management.

    Establishing Milestones.

    Data Migration.

    You get to work with certified and expert Salesforce developers.

  • 3. What are the various Salesforce development services offered by CloudQ?
  • The Salesforce development services offered by CloudQ are:

    Strategic Consulting

    Digital Transformation

    Implementation / Data Services

    Salesforce Managed Services & Support

    Health Check


  • 4. What is Salesforce Development?
  • Salesforce developers examine an organization’s operation before creating CRM workflows and tailored applications to meet particular customer requirements. Salesforce developers collaborate with other team members to build personalized, flexible processes for the business.
  • 5. What is Salesforce Mobile Development?
  • Salesforce accelerates the creation of smartphone applications by using a unique mix of metadata and code-driven tools. Using drag-and-drop component-based creation, the Salesforce Mobile App allows you to quickly distribute applications to your users, while the Salesforce Mobile SDK and Heroku enable developers to create entirely custom apps in any language or platform.
  • 6. What is salesforce Implementation Consulting?
  • The deployment solution chosen is either supporting existing business processes in Salesforce, tailoring business processes to Salesforce as a catalogue of best practices, or redesigning business processes and mapping them to Salesforce.

If you’re interested in having your business or processes migrated to Salesforce and need customized solutions, contact us today for a consultation and get your end-to-end plan.

Your business deserves the best, and as a leading Salesforce development company in the USA, CloudQ can help you get there.

Why break the bank with more expensive options that give you the same results?

Contact us for a consultation with our Salesforce experts today

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