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Benefits of moving to the cloud

Cloud computing and cloud storage is the latest IT trend that has been gaining much traction in the last few years. There are many companies – small, medium, large and enterprise level companies, who have built their entire infrastructure on the cloud. With similar companies who are in the process of migrating to the Cloud. According to recent studies conducted by market researchers, cloud storage is expected to generate $170 Billion in revenue by 2025 for providers while generating revenue upwards of $400 Billion for customers.

To understand this trend, lets take a step back to evaluate and answer a few questions like – what is cloud computing, why are companies moving towards the cloud and what are the benefits of moving to the cloud? To begin with, there are different types of clouds, but most of them broadly fall into two main categories: private and public. The private cloud is your typical data center, wherein the company will invest in buying multiple servers, while maintaining the responsibilities of managing the Infrastructure and bearing the associated costs. Public clouds are data centers, or server farms, managed and maintained by large organizations like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, IBM and a host of other companies. In this type of setup, the infrastructure management and maintenance is usually handled by the company that is running the server farm while the storage and compute power of these servers are leased out to other companies as a managed service for a price.

There are many benefits for an organization to move to the public cloud. Among them are :

Scalability – The cloud allows you to scale up or down based on usage. There is no need to buy expensive servers and keep them running at all times; peak and non-peak. You will only pay for what you use from a compute and storage perspective.

Reliability – Designing and implementing a solution on the cloud encompasses a very high level of reliability. Most of the cloud providers tout reliability of their infrastructure as 99.99999999% on upwards, with capabilities to have multiple levels of redundancy and backups available in case you need it.

Security – Security is one of the most important pillars of the cloud. There are multiple levels of security that can be designed and deployed on the Cloud. Access to applications and systems can be restricted at multiple levels. Monitoring can be done at a very granular level to trigger alarms and responses at a moment’s notice. Additionally, most cloud providers are compliant with industry level security protocols like HIPAA, PCI and so much more.

Cost Efficiency – Moving to the cloud can result in significant cost savings. For starters, it allows companies to move away from the traditional method of investing in expensive servers and then managing and maintaining them. Most cloud providers have flexible business models where you pay only for what you use per month, however, they also support traditional methods of long term reserving of compute and storage for a fraction of the cost should your business require that kind of setup.

Although the benefits mentioned are compelling reasons for organizations to move to the public cloud, we at CloudQ realize and understand that this is not an easy decision to make. There could be multiple reasons why moving to the cloud might not be the right option for you. Perhaps you have a cost effective solution which is enough to satisfy your current and future business needs for the next 5 to 10 years, Maybe there are systems or applications that you currently use which cannot be moved to the cloud, You may have contractual obligations that you must take in consideration. On the flip side, your business might be the most ideal fit for a cloud. based solution. Whichever the case, we here at CloudQ, with our experienced professionals both on Legacy systems, as well as state of the art cloud solutions, can consult with you and guide you to make this decision and journey as smooth as possible. Be it a pure cloud based solution or a hybrid solution, you can trust us to architect the right solution for you. If your current solution is already a cloud based solution, but does not meet the efficient and cost effective needs of your business, we can help.

Preparing For The Cloud Checklist

Now that you have some insights into the benefits of the cloud, perhaps now your thinking, “how do I know if moving to the cloud is right for my company?” We have you covered!

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