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A case for salesforce managed services

Salesforce is one of today’s most powerful and flexible business tools. Companies of all sizes use it to simplify their processes, increase efficiency, and grow revenues through features such as lead tracking, sales management, data management, workflow layout, analytics and more. As versatile and informative Salesforce is, it can also be complex. It’s a tool where we see business underutilize or become immobilized by the overload of data that Salesforce can amass.

Many small to medium-sized organizations use the services of an outsourced third-party company to serve as the primary administrator or to perform and manage their projects for them. Some companies opt to hire an expensive Salesforce Administrator or Developer to have on staff.

Fortunately, there is a more inexpensive solution

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Benefits of Salesforce Managed Services

Cost: For a small to medium business, it may not be cost-effective to bring on a full-time Salesforce Administrator. While there may be months where important changes are being made to your Salesforce platform, chances are your company won’t need a salaried employee working 40 hours per week. With a managed service provider, you can choose monthly packages with varying hours based on your need. Additionally, with the ever-changing technology landscape, the Managed Service Provider will incur the cost of continued training.

Focused Attention: Ongoing support and maintenance is necessary when it comes to technology. Even the smallest configuration activities add up to a laundry list for your Salesforce Administrator. These tasks can take time and focused attention. Something a dedicated Salesforce Administrator would have, unlike a hired vendor to handle your business unit requirements. More than likely, the vendor as assigned your Salesforce Administrator to service multiple accounts simultaneously. Having a dedicated Salesforce Administrator will ensure that your Salesforce project and business goals is always top of mind.  

On demand: Most Salesforce Managed Services providers offer a pay as you go option. Instead of a regular monthly retainer or paying a full-time wage for an employee, you have the freedom to use the resources only when you need them.

Experience At Your Disposal: They say that there is power in numbers. Your Managed Services Salesforce Administrator will not only have the Salesforce Partner Community to fall back on, but also their network of other Administrators. As part of their service offering, these Administrators will reduce risk, and keep up with technology changes or enhancements. Salesforce Managed Services has been one of the fastest growing segments in the Technology sector. Managed service providers enable organizations of any size to focus on their core competencies.

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