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How Salesforce helped 30,000 Non-Profits to succeed

In a pandemic, many communities rely on local non-profits to fill a need and many families or individuals come to rely on them for support. Salesforce, a cloud-based software company, understands this, and has put thousands of dollars into supporting non-profits. The 17.1-billion-dollar company has become one of the most effective CRM resources for non-profit organizations, whose Non-Profit Cloud, an integrated platform, has increased donor retention rate by 31%, constituent conversions by 48% and reduced service costs by 31%.
The Non-profit Cloud has helped 30,000 non-profits globally establish and improve their donor relationships while managing the donation process by creating a 360-degree view of their organization. Salesforce has made it possible for Non-profits to maximize fundraising, boost the retention of donors and thus create a lasting impact.

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Salesforce Non-Profit Success Kits

The Non-profit Performance Kit integrated with Salesforce helps to meet the needs of Non-profit constituent relations. Tracking member tenure, sponsorships, donations and marketing programs of supports, partners, members and clients are key to growing a healthy and sustainable organization.

Supported by a global community of developers, fellow customers, and organizations, Salesforce releases a new version of the Non-Profit Performance Platform every two weeks. This has helped Salesforce create the Non-profit Performance Salesforce Platform from the ground up and to work together to continually improve this vast ecosystem.

The ‘Power of US’ Program

Salesforce grants 10 free licenses to Salesforce in perpetuity to any eligible non-profit organization through the Power of Us program. It offers deep discounts on new subscriptions, goods, programs, training and Salesforce events. This is a $20,000 a year package that you’re getting free of charge. The Power of Us Hub is the best place for Non-profits to find Salesforce Training Resources and to connect to the MVPs of the Salesforce Family. To meet the criteria, the organization must be registered as a charitable, non-profit or non-governmental organization in the country where you are based.

Here are some of the ways Salesforce take Non-profits to success

Reaches organizational Criteria:

Salesforce is very useful for various non-profit organizations, especially in the area of donor management. Salesforce contributes to numerous non-profit activities, such as the tracking of volunteers, sponsors, fundraising, or the creation of leads through the individual coding of improvements on a specific request.
Extension of Incomes: Once Salesforce has been successfully implemented by non-profits, resources do not simply stop there, but they have access to continued support from Trailhead, which provides them with a variety of video tutorials to make the most of the technology. Salesforce has some local non-profit user groups developed across the country, as well as its “Power of Us Network,” which enables a network of online developers and end-users to ask questions, provide answers, share experiences, and apply their expertise.

Integrating compatibility:

CloudQ announced the launch of its new fundraising app, Care2Share is built on the Salesforce platform and allows you to integrate outlook or Gmail. This app allows organizations to integrate their donation drives and fundraising events directly within Salesforce. Care2Share is a donation drive app for any organization facilitating fundraisers. This app permits organizations to integrate their donation drives and raising money events directly within Salesforce.

Extensive Support:

Salesforce has a powerful and efficient support system to assist customers. Support will usually drive you through the hardest spots whenever you need it. You can also get one on one assistance if you have minor questions about a product or service. In the event of significant implementation assistance, one may also hire a consultant who normally has training hours within their scope of work.

Care2Share By CloudQ

CloudQ announced the launch of its new fundraising app, Care2Share, which supports event planners in the Non-profit industry during any kind of crisis. Care2Share is a donation drive app for any organization hosting fundraisers. This app allows organizations to integrate their donation drives and fundraising events directly within Salesforce. This app is built on the Salesforce platform, whereby allowing for your Care2Share campaigns to be directly integrated to your outlook and Gmail for communication ease.


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Care2Share app features include:

• Landing Pages
• Invites and Registration
• Themes and Branding Images
• Notifications and Reminders
• Donor Contact Info & History
• New Donor Leads
• Post Event Communication
• Event Tracking & Reports
For more information and a demo to see how your organization can benefit from this fundraising app.

Visit the Care2Share page


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