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12 key reasons to choose salesforce for your business needs

Salesforce for Your Business Needs

For 13 years, Gartner has named Salesforce as the leader of the CRM Gartner Magic Quadrant. Because of Salesforce’s impressive performance in 2018, and continued strong domination in 2019 & 2020, there is no doubt that Salesforce will continue to dominate the CRM market in the coming years.

What makes Salesforce CRM a successful market leader? Why would a company pay the Salesforce premium price if there are options at almost half the cost?

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Salesforce was the first to provide CRM in the cloud and they’ve been a visionary of CRM since then. Their key successes were: variety of apps and ease of use.

These are the 12 key reasons to choose Salesforce for your business needs:

  1. Easy to Use: This is one of the main reasons that pushes the level of adoption of Salesforce. Salespeople have better visibility of their customers, connections, resources, and jobs, all from one location to another. They have a complete, 360-degree customer viewpoint that helps them make better business decisions and close deals more quickly. It’s easy to navigate through applications, and you can collaborate with your colleagues.

  2. Quality Features: The default Salesforce framework includes a full range of features and tools that suit most business needs. During the deployment phase, the admin has point-and-click changes they can make to the builder to configure the program as per the business process requires.

  3. Customizability: Another factor that Salesforce has achieved significant attention from competitors is Salesforce’s ability to be highly customizable. For Salesforce customization, technological experience on the Apex Code and Visualforce sites is required. Salesforce’s greatest strength for many users is its customizability–specific environments, items, third-party Salesforce modules, the use of your own computers, etc.—in order to give you a complete solution.

  4. Extendable: If you decide on a CRM, not only do you choose what you need now, but the solution should also be flexible enough to satisfy your business needs in the future. Salesforce is extremely flexible, and the customization aspect allows to your business solutions to change and conform to all possible specifications.

  5. Cloud-Based Platform: Salesforce expands its flexibility to the next level. Salesforce has established a robust and integrated software platform that offers unparalleled technological solutions for sales, marketing, service, and review.Salesforce introduced its first cloud-based CRM and also developed an application product (PaaS) sector with to enable dynamic, real-world business models.

  6. Efficient Pipeline Management: From the Potential point of view, Sales Reps has a comprehensive vision of all potentials and processes, physically displayed, which allows salespeople to organize and evaluate current deals.

  7. Reports: Salespeople can compile their own reports to see the customers they haven’t served for a while, the gaps in the system, the items they have delivered, the events carried out, and the assignments accomplished. Sharing maps and dashboards help them assess their own output and identify critical data via interactive formats.

  8. Continuous Development and Creativity: The Salesforce team and the community are working closely to build better solutions every day–they listen to feedback and requests from customers and incorporate new features into the solutions. Three times a year, Salesforce releases new tools to improve their credibility for software quality and customer satisfaction.

  9. AppExchange: Salesforce acknowledges that there are other technologies that can be used in parallel to Salesforce to improve customer engagement. Therefore, they launched AppExchange. AppExchange is a business app store of 2800 + applications that provides Salesforce collaboration with MailChimp, Xero, QuickBooks, DocuSign, Adobe Sign, etc. for small and large businesses, all on one site.

  10. Customer Success Platform: Salesforce helps you to better unify the various core roles of your company so you can maximize consumer success. The feature-rich implementation can be easily optimized, and even if some modification is necessary, it can be easily integrated into a hierarchical order.

  11. Diverse Community: The Salesforce team is always ready to help and endorse you. This is where CloudQ comes in as Salesforce experts. We can provide design tools and help businesses obtain access to a pool of talented developers from all over the world.

  12. Salesforce for Non-profit Organizations: Salesforce is not only ideal for corporations but also for non-profit organizations. With the Salesforce Philanthropy Platform, Salesforce is contributing back to the community while non-profit companies will streamline their activities at a much lower cost.

Bottom Line!

In the past 19 years, Salesforce has worked hard to create a global identity whilst consistently promoting growth, keeping consumers by providing quality and value, and building a sense of partnership between customers and stakeholders, making Salesforce a company to be reckoned with in the CRM space. They have supported a vast number of companies in their mission to better manage their businesses and expand their customer base.

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