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Transforming healthcare with Salesforce health cloud

salesforce for healthcare transformation

IoT in Health Cloud

From exercising more regularly, to eating healthier, to getting more sleep, many of us are taking steps to live happier and healthier lives every day.

Technologies like activity trackers are already helping people monitor their progress, set goals, and achieve milestones. The Salesforce Health Cloud is integrating data from wearable and health apps and is adding a deeper level of insight into the positive actions people are already taking.

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How can we hurdle such an obstacle:

By bridging the gap between patients and healthcare professionals through the world’s #1 Healthcare CRM. Salesforce brings together cloud, social, and mobile technologies and is opening new channels of communications, enabling great transparency, and creating a culture of mutual accountability between patients and healthcare providers at every step. 

Artificial Intelligence in Health Cloud:

  1. AI enables healthcare professionals to turn insights into actions and gain a richer understanding of a patient’s history.
  2. AI For Healthcare: Reduce Patient Readmissions with Einstein Discovery
    • Healthcare professionals need pattern-driven data to help them. Einstein Analytics for Health Cloud empowers organizations to change healthcare through data. Up to now, traditional data analysis has given healthcare professionals access to broad-lens insights. Imagine the possibilities if healthcare providers could manage patient risk in an entirely new light.
    • The Einstein Analytics for Health Cloud Risk Stratification changes the game. It offers insights that give providers the unique ability to understand more specified data. This includes charts and lists related to the overall health of the patients you manage. In addition, Salesforce Einstein uses the CMS Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCC) risk scoring model to assign a risk score to each patient.

Benefits of Salesforce Health Cloud:

  1. Complete patient view
  2. Care team productivity
  3. Clinical data management
  4. Salesforce Shield security
  5. Omni channel support
  6. Self-service
  7. Care management
  8. Analytics & assessments
  9. Data storage
  10. Integration through web service API
  11. Collaboration & communication
  12. Mobile support

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