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Why the Need for Salesforce for Businesses?

Salesforce for business

Why do you need Salesforce for your business?

Before you can answer that, you need to know what Salesforce is and what services they provide.

Salesforce is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Manager (CRM). In other words, you can say it’s a cloud-based, database management system. Salesforce was the first to launch a CRM on the cloud, and they’ve been leaders in the Cloud CRM space ever since. Their depth of functionality and ease of use are the primary winners here. If you have a look at Salesforce’s analytics, you’d come across the following benefits of using Salesforce:

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  1. Easy to use: This is the primary reason Salesforce has such a boom in their customer count. Sales reps have better visibility into accounts, contacts, opportunities, and tasks, all from a single place. They have a complete 360-degree view of the customer, which in turn helps them to make better business decisions and close deals faster.

  2. System of records: Companies opting to use a CRM have one common goal: to keep track of things in a single place. It may start with leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, products, and service of quotes, but if you invest in making the system better and actually plan, you can set yourself up for a future where you have data that answers questions you haven’t even thought of yet. Salesforce provides pre-built object functionality where you can keep track of your data.

  3. Customizable: Another area where Salesforce is much better than the competitors in the market is the ability to customize nearly everything. Most of the requirements can be handled using configuration or standard facilities provided by Salesforce. For Salesforce customization, technical expertise is required on Apex Code and Visualforce pages. For many users, this is the greatest strength of Salesforce. Things like custom fields, objects, 3rd party Salesforce extensions, integrating your own apps, etc. will provide you a complete solution.

  4. Scalable System: Whenever a new company opts for a CRM, the decision they’re making isn’t for today but for the future. For that, a CRM should be scalable to handle the business changes and keep up with the team as it grows. Salesforce has the capacity to scale to the largest of teams. Because of its ability to be highly customized, this helps businesses adapt to those future requirements.

  5. Reports and Dashboards: Reports is one of the greatest features of Salesforce. In reports, you can keep track of your employees, and you can check how well your business is doing. You can see which accounts you haven’t contacted in a while, what opportunities you’re getting the most revenue from, and which opportunities you can expand upon. Reports can provide you real-time data for your business which can help you when planning for the future. And dashboard is a feature of Salesforce that shows the data in a graphical manner. So, instead of looking on tables every time, you’ll be able to see the data in graphs, so you can have a better idea about your business’s workings.

  6. AppExchange:  AppExchange is a Salesforce business app store with 2500+ free and paid apps. AppExchange is the fast and easy way to extend Salesforce. With thousands of solutions that install in just a few clicks, there’s something for every business challenge. Aps on the Exchange include Salesforce integrations with MailChimp, Xero, QuickBooks, DocuSign, AdobeSign, etc. for small and enterprise businesses, all in one platform. With Lightning App Builder, customers and partners can build/customize parts of an application or page themselves.

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Surya Saini

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