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CloudQ is now a Consulting Partner

We’re so excited to have you here today for our big announcement. We’ll explain what is so you have a better grasp of exactly how big this moment is for us. Grab a drink and a snack, and let’s get rolling!

As you may know, CloudQ cherishes the philanthropic projects we’ve been able to be a part of. This partnership has cemented our drive to do even more for the organizations out there doing good things in the world. Programs that exist to help people in need or drive forward education are tantamount to the wellbeing of so many, so those programs hold a special place in our hearts.

For example, last year, several of our corporate team members walked or ran for charity in a 5k that provides aid to sick children. We’ve created apps so non-profit organizations can have better ways to run their businesses, and we’ve donated and delivered meals to feed the homeless. We’re also members of Pledge 1%, which is a promise by us to donate our time every year.

So, to say we at CloudQ are excited about becoming a consulting partner might be the understatement of the millennium. We’re absolutely over the moon.

Right about now, you’re probably wondering:

What is

Glad you asked! Let’s dive into it so you have a grasp on what it is we’ll be doing. is the arm of Salesforce that provides CRM tools to help nonprofits and institutions of education to operate more efficiently, hold fundraisers, and build better relationships with the folks who use these services.

For a nonprofit, Salesforce has tools that will help them ensure they have accurate and complete data, fundraise, manage grants, market their services, and streamline their project management.

Higher education sees benefits from tools that assist in bettering the student and staff experience on campus, market their educational programs, and find new students.

Even K-12 has access to tools that will provide a helping hand to educators in admitting students and making sure they’re thriving in their educational environment.

You should check out some of their customer stories on their page here: We promise, you’ll be reading a long time. There are so many success stories, it’ll blow you away.

As a consulting partner, we’ll help these organizations build the CRM they need to run things more efficiently with services like Non-profit Cloud, Education Cloud for Higher Ed, and Education Cloud for K-12. It means we understand how these services function and can set clients up for success.

We hope you’re as excited about our partnership as we are, and we look forward to the philanthropic projects we’ll be engaged in down the road.

If you’re a non-profit organization, contact us today for a discussion on how we can help you apply these tools to your org.

Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you back again soon!


Jo Michaels

Marketing Coordinator

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