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How to Close Deals Effectively Using Zoho CRM?

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Zoho CRM helps a business manage its sales process that involves acquiring prospects to converting them to customers and everything in between. The various stages in the sales pipeline need to be closely monitored and tracked. Zoho CRM offers you the tools to do the needful.

What are deals in Zoho CRM?

Deals are the most important record of any business that generates revenue. The deals in ZOHO CRM undergo a long qualification and follow-up cycle before they are converted to customers or lost. 

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The record deals in Zoho CRM offers the following insights for sales management:

Sales cycle

The deal sales volume (Product units and price)

The status and the estimated probability of sales.

Reasons for the deal status (Won/Lost)

Competitors of the deal

Forecast for the next quarter/year sales

Management of Deals In Zoho CRM

Deal management is an in-depth process of tracking all potential business opportunities for sales across the pipeline and converting the promising deals to recurring customers. A worthy deal will always offer you multiple revenue opportunities. The right deal management tool like Zoho CRM helps you score profitable deals by connecting the sales team to the right people and also offering you the right information related to the prospect.

Why do you need an effective tool to manage deals in Zoho CRM?

Deals are very precious to a business. A deal offers multiple revenue opportunities if managed effectively with the help of a good tool. Here are the reasons why you need to implement Zoho CRM for your business with the help of an authorized Zoho partner in order to manage deals:

Prioritize the most promising deals using data-driven predictions.

Track the progress of leads in the sales pipeline and study their history from the data available and predict necessary steps to be taken to convert them to customers. A

Zoho offers you a 360-degree view of every detail related to a deal so that you can make an informed decision.

Optimize your sales process so that everyone in the deal understands the steps to be taken to push your deal up the sales pipeline.

Zoho CRM streamlines the sales process and makes your team’s efforts to convert the deals to the customer more effectively.

Important Features of  Tools Managing deals in Zoho CRM

A holistic view of all your deals

Zoho CRM allows you to easily track deals by displaying the important information of the deals in a single view. You will be able to the overall view of how many deals are near to closure or closed and even you get an idea of steps that need to be adopted to push the deals towards closure.

Artificial Intelligence to predict the outcome of deals and prioritize them

 There will be multiple leads in your sales pipeline. However, it will be difficult to focus on the right deal. Zoho offers AI-driven tools like  Zia that find you crucial information related to deals using voice commands. Use the voice assistant to find important information and you can win or lose the deal.

Centralized documents

Zoho CRM offers you centralized documentation of all information related to sales collateral. Your sales team can contribute, maintain and easily access important information related to the deals

Stay aware of your competition

When you pitch your business to a prospect, other businesses are offering the same services you do. So chances are the prospects may mention the competitor’s name which you can note down and do thorough research about their strengths & weakness. This information will help you make a better pitch than your competitors.

Send quotes to deals Zoho CRM

Sending quotes to the deals is very crucial to close deals. Zoho CRM streamlines your process and sends effective quotes with detailed information about the products. A powerful and eye-catching quote will always make the deal.

Reporting and analytics

Zoho CRM has inbuilt reporting and analytics tools that make the decision-making process data-driven. Zoho offers basic charts to advanced analytics insights to find effective ways to improve your business strategy and gain a competitive advantage.

Zoho CRM is a great tool to manage your deals and convert them to recurring revenues. Ping us up for more information.

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