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What’s New at Facebook for Businesses

When we hear the term social media, the first thing that comes to mind is Facebook, which does not require any special branding to tell you exactly what the topic for today is.

Facebook is a strong social media platform with 1.82 billion daily active users that you just cannot ignore. Everyone is there, and to not have a Facebook Page for your business is a detriment. First, we’ll show you what a Page looks like, and then we’ll dive into recent updates.

What is a Facebook Business Page?

A Facebook Page is a public page attached to a person account (usually the business owner’s) that may be used to promote businesses, groups, artists, and public figures.

A Facebook Business Page allows you to post information, reply to customers, engage in conversations with your followers, and promote products directly from your feed. Here’s a screenshot of CloudQ’s Facebook Page:

Being popular as an outlet for businesses to reach potential or current customers, Facebook has several fantastic features for business pages you may not be aware of. Let’s look at some of the new Facebook Business Page features you might not be using.

New Features Include:

  1. News Feed: This new feature is called Pages News Feed, and it works similarly to your personal profile’s news feed. It allows you to view the most relevant content about your industry, rivals, and interests all in one location. When you follow a page, you can choose to do so from your Business Page or your personal profile. Business Page follows show here:
  1. Podcast: Another interesting feature is Podcast, which will help in spreading the word about your business’s episodes among your followers and allows new individuals to discover you. Your listeners may then enjoy, comment, and share your episodes directly on Facebook.

4 New Business Connection Tools:

Facebook has released new business development tools that improve the way businesses engage with consumers on Instagram and WhatsApp. Business messaging is a priority for Facebook because they want to enable more e-commerce transactions directly on the platform and allow businesses to manage more of their customer care through Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

Key Features Include:

Messenger API for Instagram: Facebook said all businesses will now have access to the Instagram application program interface, or API. Businesses will find it easier to automate and manage direct messaging contact with users because of this. Once a consumer has made a request, businesses can automate their responses and can create unique responses for common questions.

Businesses may already use these tools to communicate with customers via WhatsApp or Messenger, but they will soon be able to create similar messaging experiences on Instagram as well.

WhatsApp for Business: Facebook also introduced a slew of new WhatsApp features. List messages, for example, allow firms to present consumers with a menu of up to ten options while they interact. In addition, the company launched Reply buttons, which allow consumers to select prewritten replies when communicating with businesses.

WhatsApp also announced quicker onboarding for its WhatsApp Business API, allowing enterprises to start texting customers in minutes. 

Multi-person Augmented Reality: As part of the Multipeer API beta program, Facebook revealed another attempt to allow more augmented-reality services for users. Software developers will be able to construct AR effects that operate synchronously for multiple users at the same time using this technology.

For example, Users might utilize Messenger to join a group video conversation and apply an AR filter created with the Multipeer API. That filter would then be applied to the entire video conference participants.

Business Suite Features:

Facebook has introduced several upgrades for businesses, including the option to plan stories on both Facebook and Instagram at the same time.

They say, “Quite apart from scheduling stories, the application can manage photo albums and save draft postings.”

Schedule Stories on Facebook and Instagram

Business Suite can already be used to generate and schedule regular articles, and this functionality is now being expanded to include stories.

More Features

Edit Scheduled Posts – In case you made a mistake when you were typing and caught it before the post went live.

Create and Manage Albums – Because what is life without labelled albums?

Save Posts in Drafts – If you’re not sure you’re ready to send your content to the world, you can hold onto it for scheduling or posting later.

Facebook Business Suite Analytics Tools

Facebook’s official Facebook Analytics tool will be shut down on June 30, 2021; however, the network still provides a plethora of alternative opportunities to get important data and insights.

Facebook Business Suite is a one-stop-shop for managing all your Facebook and Instagram profiles. All your Facebook business tools are located here, and this is where you handle all your Facebook marketing and advertising operations.

Check out the new feature!

Creator Studio: Facebook Creator Studio is similar to Insights because it provides marketers with more detailed analytics information for their Facebook Pages, videos, and Stories. Creator Studio is compatible with Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook Page analytics provide information on how well your Facebook Page is performing. These stats are based on your participation. Your engagement comprises all of the comments, likes, responses, and shares that your Page receives from followers and other Facebook users.

More updates are coming soon for you Facebook lovers! Stay tuned for more exciting features, and be sure you learn the existing features so you can take full advantage!

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