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Top 7 Features of ZOHO CRM for Your Business

Zoho CRM is one of the top, globally trusted CRM solutions for businesses looking to satisfy and retain their customers. It is one of the best customer relationship management software solutions, allowing organizations to ensure enhanced and better sales. The CRM is designed to assist users to smoothly manage marketing, sales, customer support, etc.

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Top Features of Zoho CRM 

Below are some of the most exclusive features of Zoho CRM to help your business elevate to the next level.


This feature allows users to measure and track the performance of activities like sales. This gives you an insight into the interests and preferences of your targets and opens up methods to achieve them. Zoho CRM allows business analysis using:

  • Reports: Offers real-time insights into marketing, sales trends, campaigns, and performance reports of the team. 
  • Analytical Components: You can easily identify your key performance indicators – which works and which fails. You will have a clear understanding of the current status of targets by creating dashboards.
  • Capabilities: Gives you spot-on data to make smart decisions for the growth of the business.

2.Total Sales-Force Automation

Automation features are the highlight of a high-end Zoho CRM. Business activities like marketing, sales, and support functions all can be automated and allow business owners to optimize workflow better by shifting their focus towards customers. The following speeds up business processes through management and automation tools:

  • Lead management Allows sales teams to apprehend and convert leads, perform lead scoring, and build detailed contact data for potential clients. 
  • Deal management: Tracks various stages of deals and identifies opportunities to make deal closing a faster processes.
  • Contact Management: This allows the sales team to stay in contact with customers in real-time across different channels and offer excellent customer service.
  • Workflow Automation: Automation of business process and updation of data avoids the wastage of manpower on tedious manual work. 

3.Sales Enablement

Businesses can save a lot of time and energy by enabling the customers and vendors to view, add, and edit data through portals in the CRM account. They do so by:

  • Quotes and Finances: Allows businesses to generate invoices, orders, and quotes while the users have access to inventory, shipping, and subscription information as well. 
  • Partner Portal: This offers the partners access to follow up and curate leads, administer the inventory, and track contacts. 
  • G-suite and Office 365: These applications can be easily integrated into the CRM.

4.Predictive Sales and Intelligence

Zia is the personal voice assistant (AI) of Zoho CRM. The assistant is used for data management and extraction of the necessary information, predicting future sales, finding out mismatches in the processes, etc. Here are the key highlights:

  • Lead and Deal Prediction: Zia predicts chances of conversion of deals or leads acquired. It is a great source to analyse future business strategies.
  • Macro Suggestion: Zia monitors daily sales activity to recognize patterns to make personalized macro suggestions for better decision making and automation of tasks. 

5.Developer Platform

Zoho CRM’s Developer Platform provides the business with an opportunity to build integrated systems and mobile applications and to develop web applications. This allows your customer care team to offer customers and partners a personalized experience. This can be done using:

  • REST API: Use REST API to create third-party integrations under Zoho CRM to design complex workflows.
  • Widget SDX: Used to create customized web interfaces and quickly embed them into your account’s native interface. 
  • Web and Mobile SDX: Allows seamless creation of web and mobile solutions.

6. Customization

Zoho CRM can be customized to perfectly suit your business needs. You may also present the information in unique ways using ZOHO CRM by:

  • Layouts: This allows users to create individual layouts for different processes. Moreover, you may control the data that enters the system to make a quick sale.
  • Custom Components: Present the information in whatever format you want by using custom modules, fields, and buttons. 
  • Global Selling: The multi-currency and multi-language features allow users to take the business to customers across the globe.
  • Views and Filters: Mark important information, and make it easily accessible using custom filters and other advanced settings.

7. Performance Management

Use AI predictions to classify customers, identify prospective leads, and use multiple currencies and track website visitors to enhance your sales team’s performance. Increase your sales goal by making accurate predictions of potential revenue.

It is possible by using the following:

  • Forecasting: Allows users to make accurate predictions about sales, comparative analysis to current sales, and boost conversion rates.
  • Gamification: Encourage and boost your team’s performance by awarding badges and trophies.

Zoho CRM is an excellent solution to manage business workflows effectively and efficiently. If used intelligently, you have most of the tasks covered by the automation features. This allows you to focus your energy on finding opportunities and converting them to loyal customers. So make your business achieve greater sales targets using these amazing features of Zoho CRM.

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Lekshmi Devi

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